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    I DO NOT TAKE CREDIT FOR THIS FILE!! i found it while trying to develop one for myself. it was free and i thought it warranted a share with the monkeys. I know that most of us use the old tried and true hand written notebooks, but this will allow you to figure cost, print ammo box lables and more. ENJOY.

    admin if this is wrong location i apologize, please feel free to relocate.

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    Great find, will be a big help, Thank You.
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  3. markthenewf

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    It's ok, but I don't see it as a terribly useful sheet. With the exception of the energy calc, it's really more of a cost benefit listing. Cost is only part of the reason I reload and the sheet doesn't address any of those others such as their accuracy, cleanliness, etc. me thinking now.
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    Cleanliness is a function of Powder Burn Rates, Pressure, and Flame Front Temperature, Loading for Barrel Length, and Projectile Shedding Metallurgy.... Most of the above, are very esoteric variables, for the average Reloader, but when one gets a Loading that is tuned for a specific Barrel, that produces Accuracy, it is very gratifying.....
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  5. markthenewf

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    Agreed, but that spreadsheet provides nothing to track anything like that, such as component combos. There is software out there for ballistics and load development, but it's all theoretical stuff. That's fine to get a starting point, but it's always better (and more fun) to see where the rubber meets the road and develop the loads in a controlled procedure such as Ladder tests or OCW. The theory gets you a starting point, but the record keeping and development is what gets you to a good final product. It can be both a gratifying and frustrating process for sure!
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