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    Do you remember the famous ABC radio news commentator Paul Harvey?, I'm sure some of you may, but in case you don't, he was pretty sharp in a down home way. THIS IS A COMMENTARY THAT SHOULD SHAKE THE S--- OUT OF YOU. IF IT DOESN'T BOTHER YOU, YOU ARE DEFINITELY PART OF THE PROBLEM
    Millions of Americans listened to his programs which were broadcast over 1,200 radio stations nationwide.
    The following commentary was broadcast 47 years ago.... April 3, 1965.
    I hope you will listen to this. It's short...less than 3 minutes.
    Notice especially what he said in 7 seconds, from 1:57 to 2:04 in the broadcast.
    If I Were the Devil: Paul Harvey (Warning for a Nation) - YouTube
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    Cool, except if you take out religion, it makes sense. Humor me for a second: no devil, no god = no problem. Since there is no devil, Harvey places himself in this spot and becomes a man who isn't real, a myth...a legend. Yet, people still fear "the devil" even if he is but a story. Entire religions are structured around good and evil, the battle for right and wrong, heaven and hell. Some call it Yin and Yang --symbolizing perpetual harmony in the universe. Without one there cannot be the other, and if one does not exist...neither exists.

    There is wisdom in what Harvey said, but if you are religious you probably won't hear it.
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    As he said at the end -"Keep doing what he's doing"...... we think the ills of today are recent - they are not. Been happening for a very long time.
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