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    Worth remembering...

    To all my friends, a reminder that that Ramadan 2011 in North America starts the evening of Sunday, July 31st and ends on Tuesday, August 30th.

    Be advised that Muslims are forbidden from wearing jewelry ( wedding rings, watches, etc.) during Ramadan so be very observant of our president during this season!! (Note that during Ramadan 2010 Obama's wedding ring was being "repaired" and he couldn't find his watch!)
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    The Obama beating schtick is getting a little tired...

    Ah...Good ol' -06 you're almost as predictable as Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park...but your erruptions aren't nearly as impressive.
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    Old Faithful's re-run of last years tripe...is simply Offal

    The annual tripe diatribe about the President's watch 'n' jewelry alert by -06 is upon us again....(yawn)....no need to stalk the POTUS to see if he is wearing jewelry or time piece.

    Care to offer a reputable reference for the nonsense that
    ?? I have responded to -06's conspiracy nonsense about this timne last year....and true to form...he avoided responding to my post by covering his trail with non sequiters and red herrings. For a blast from the past...revisit


    I'll quote from that post in this thread...and hopefully put the matter to rest....yet again.... until "Old Faithful" blows his top again. : S

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    Ramadan watch and ring watch

    Recent images of Obama....wearing a wedding ring, and his watch....to be seen on Huffington Post website. Note that Obama wears a gold wedding ring which is haram for muslims ALL YEAR ROUND...not just during Ramadan. I hope that this will put the issue to bed for another year, when God willing...-06 resurrects this post yet again (Groan).

    I do concede the possibility that the Huffington Post, has...for reasons known only to themselves, airbrushed the ring and watch on the web-page images.....in which case....send this thread to the tinfoil hat lounge where it properly belongs.

    Barack Obama : Pictures, Videos, Breaking News
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    One thing that strikes me as curious, Fellow...how does an Australian seem to know so damned much about U.S. politics? Fact is, you seem to know more about our gun control, politics, political figures, bills in congress, economy, and damned near any other topic than the people that live here do. Now I consider myself a reasonably intelligent person and maybe a little better than average versed in world events but I couldn't tell you a damned thing about Australian political structure, let alone the jewelry wearing habits or religion of the president or king or barrister or what ever the **** is the supreme ruler in Australia? You get my point? I enjoy your contentious responses, they are well-based intelligent debate, insightful, reasonable, and fact oriented...the thing that smells is that it is coming from foreign land by a foreigner, and I just don't buy that. If you are in fact, under the hemisphere, you are either an ex-patriot escaped from Harvard or an espionage agent from Israel.
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    Just in case anyone was wondering
    Diabolus causidicus means devils advocate.

    I believe that chelovyek (chelloveck) is Russian for Fellow / Man

    so Chelloveck is probably a fellow devil's advocate just trying to keep us grounded. Unless of course he's a government plant then we need to get out the stakes and build the pyre.
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    I certainly have no love for our present, pathetic, POTUS. But I have to , gulp, agree with Chelloveck on this one. Egads! What next, dogs mating with cats?
    This is pure propaganda for the uninformed. Muslim men are not allowed to wear GOLD jewelery at anytime of the year. It is considered flaunting your wealth and an insult to those less fortunate. However, minimal silver jewelery is allowed. Muslim men wear silver wedding rings and scholars wear a silver ring with a cats eye on the little finger of the right hand. (as was said to be the habit of Mohamed). There is no prohibition for the wearing of jewelery during Ramadan.
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    One mans freedom fighter, aka anothers terrorist.
    Devil's advocate?
    Sometimes a Troll is just a Troll.
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    Ah...just feel the love

    I take it that you're referring to -06's mischievous posts concerning bejewelled and bewatched Obama and Ramadan????

    bit harsh calling -06 a troll mate... ; )
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