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    Well not Quite.... He had multiple Long Guns, and Pistols, with him, and one Short Barreled Shotgun, which he shortened himself. Most of the shots fired, were from the Universal M1 Carbine, using FMJ 30M1 Ammo. There were some shots made with the 6MM Remington 700 ADL, as well. He also had a Remington M 141 rifle in .35 Cal....
    Source Wikipedia
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    In the lower floors of the Tower the alarm spread. People began barricading themselves into classrooms and offices. On the observation deck, Charlie unpacked his array of supplies and his guns. He wedged the door to the deck shut with the dolly and quickly set about firing. Turning his attention to the area of campus known as the South Mall, he began with his most accurate weapon, the scoped 6mm rifle. His first target was Claire Wilson, a heavily pregnant eighteen-year-old. The bullet pierced her abdomen and fractured the skull of the baby she carried, killing it. When she cried out, an acquaintance, Thomas Eckman turned and asked her what was wrong. Just then he was hit in the chest. He fell dead across his wounded girl. Nearby, Dr. Robert Hamilton Boyer, a visiting physics professor, took a bullet to the lower back. He died quickly.
    Charles Whitman: The Texas Bell Tower Sniper — Ready for Battle — Crime Library on
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