Remnant is in Printing...

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    Originally posted by tsherry. Somehow, the post was corrupted and would not respond properly in the vB software.
    Remnant is in print..

    Books arrived yesterday, and I'll need to order more probably tomorrow. If you're interested in a hardcopy, autographed and shipped for $30, I accept payment at the paypal account: or through snail mail, at

    T.C. Sherry
    P.O. Box 14443
    Spokane Valley, WA 99214

    If you're interested in a bundled deal, including Deep Winter, Shatter, and Remnant, the set sells for $80 including shipping and inscriptions...

    If you're not familiar with the stories, shoot me an email at and I'll send you PDF's of all three.

    Take care gang, and pay it forward if you get the chance.
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    I guess the print word was the problem...
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    Nice sleuthing, thanx. I'll clean up the rest of the trial and errors from here.
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    Sure...delete this too and repost...Cheers!
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    Evidently it is some combination of the word print and something else. I did another test in another area, and "print" showed up and posted OK. For now, we'll leave this thread as is for the guru's attention later.

    Wish I'd thought to take a screen shot --
  6. Pax Mentis

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    Received the inscribed 3 book set today...including copy #1 of Remnant. I'm a happy camper. Thanks Tom.

    Guess it's time to read them all soon as I finish my current rereading of John Ross' Unintended Consequences.
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    Every once in awhile a certain word combination makes vB act up. One of HispeedAl's blogs was titled What to do next? and the do next triggered vB to go to the next blog so his was not readable.

    Quirks are the spice of life, no?
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    Ordered Remnant and when funds are available will order a second full set! Great books!

    Unintended Consequences and Lights Out! and Enemies Foreign and Domestic and the Deep Winter trilogy are absolute must-reads for anybody here.

    Poor old Hollywood recycling video games and 70's TV when there so much original and interesting fiction around...
  9. Pax Mentis

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    Don't forget Patriots, One Second After and Molon Labe...
  10. Idahoser

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    ABSOLUTELY! Thank you for reminding me of two, I have yet to read any of Boston's.

    Let's see... The Rift, Memphis 7.9, Dies the Fire, of course the classics- Alas Babylon, Lucifer's Hammer...

    I guess there probably already is a good list somewhere I haven't been looking...
  11. tsherry

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    Thanks for reposting that for me.....

    ....for those that have read 'Remnant', I blame the S.A.

    Best regards,

    Tom S.
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