Renew my NRA membership or not?

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Motomom34, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. Motomom34

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    I stopped my NRA membership because they were driving me insane with their bi-weekly Sunday evening solicitation calls. Plus when they were not calling, they sent me mailings constantly looking for money. The reason NRA said they needed a constant flow of cash was to keep Obama and Hillary from taking away my gun rights. During Obama’s reign, we had one of the most atrocious school shootings. The NRA begged for cash because Obama was coming for my guns after that tragedy. The end result was my State voted to infringe on my rights. Seems Bloomberg & Co. won in CO not the NRA.

    The election is over and I my NRA membership has lapsed. I supported the NRA because they were always in the line of fire after all shootings. They were the ones that took the bashing from the left, in my opinion that is one of their rolls. I have been debating t whether to re-instating my membership or not. Now that the election is over, I am curious as to what boogey man they have come up with. Obama is out of office, Hillary lost so who is coming for my guns? I also miss my monthly magazine.

    I donated to Gun Owners of America but am thinking that maybe I should continue to support NRA. I have heard if you sign up for a lifetime NRA membership that they do not hound you for money constantly. The fees went up to $40 but you get a free duffle bag plus they say you get insurance for you and your guns (never signed up for it before).

    So…. Renew or not?
  2. ghrit

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    You cannot escape the NRA's constant quest for money, if not the organization itself, then it is the ILA if not both. FWIW, I think,. but do NOT know that the ILA is a charitable deal, and you can deduct your donations. (Check that, if you plan on donating.)

    So far as a life membership goes, remember that all it does is give the member a free ride, not an escape from future pleading for money 'cause they spent the life member dues. It's an actuarial thing that has folded other organizations.

    All that said, I'll continue annual membership. The mag has some interesting articles now and then. Gopher it, and opt out of all non-mail contacts.
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  3. Yard Dart

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    I would suggest to renew. The fight to protect our gun rights will never end......
    The states are where the fight is currently as you well know. We have the same issues going on here in Washington with a bill recently submitted that is trying to ban AR type weap's and a 10 round max mag capacity.
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  4. Seacowboys

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    I am a life-time member of both the NRA and Gun Owners of America, as well as the USPSA. I just ignore the solicitations for extra money.
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  5. BTPost

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    I dropped my Life Membership, years ago, when they FIRED Neil Knox, for defending the 2nd Amendment, vigorously... and have never looked back...
  6. UncleMorgan

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    I also dropped the NRA many years ago, primarily for selling out on some important issues. At the point their primary activity becomes collecting money, the time for providing money should come to an end.

    Sift it through one more filter, though, before you decide: Who needs the money more, you or the NRA?
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  7. Seacowboys

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    This is my second life membership, having resigned it after Katrina because they refused to be pro-active to prevent gun confiscations but re-upped during the Obama administration because it pissed off all the liberals, but now that I have decided to become a liberal, I will stay in the NRA and act as a spy!
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  8. Pax Mentis

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    I figure why split my donations and concentrate on GOA because of NRA's history of compromise.
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  9. Dunerunner

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    I am an NRA Life member, contribute annually to them, GOA and SAF...

    The great thing about America is that you have the freedom to do what ever you wish with your money.
  10. Legion489

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    NRA yes or no? I paid monthly dues for years until I figured out I had paid enough to have a Life membership. So I got a Life membership. I get the begging Sunday mornings at Church. Told them to stop calling. Stopped for awhile, now getting them again.

    The commies never stop trying to take away our guns. Reading many of the anti-gun bills from the 1880's, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, etc, and comparing them to 2017 and the ONLY thing that has changed was the date of the bill.

    I brought Arron Zelman (a friend, Jews For Prev of Firearms Ownership) here to speak at the Univerity. TOTAL news black out! Three TV stations, four papers, three radio stations and NO REPORTING! PERIOD! AT ALL! Even the "jewish" group here hated him and fought against him, might expose their communist ties!

    I support just about every pro-gun group, local, state, national out there and there are better ones than the NRA, but the NRA is the biggest, not the best, but the biggest.
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  11. Motomom34

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    I refuse to support the local gun group. RMGO is all about the money and not gun rights. You are correct NRA is the biggest therefore they get the media attention.
  12. Motomom34

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    Question regarding NRA programs, have you or anyone you know insured firearms via NRA? What about NRA saying they offer legal council for life time members?
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  13. Homer Simpson

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    I was a NRA member, I never renewed. Why did I not renew? Because I feel they waste my money to compromise my rights away. The NRA is way to much in to compromise. Every time you get a begging phone call from a live person, that is someone on the payroll. Every piece of mail begging for money, cost them money to produce and mail. Every "free" duffle bag, range bag or whatever trinket they are giving away, came out of someones membership fee.

    I support the GOA whenever I have the cash. I feel any NRA dues I might pay are better spent on ammo and reloading supplies.

    Whose Side Is the NRA Really On? - Freedom Outpost

    With Friends Like The NRA ...
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  14. ghrit

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    There are a couple of my club members that insure via the NRA. The club itself owns some training rifles supplied by the NSSF. Those are NRA affiliated insured. This is an annual thing, dunno 'bout lifetime.
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  15. GOG

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    I renew yearly. I also support GOA and OFF here in Orygun. However I wouldn't mind dropping the NRA and directing the money elsewhere.
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  16. Motomom34

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    I explored that link and they have NRATV. That is interesting. They have all of Colion Noir's videos on there. Sounds like Monkeys do not love the NRA very much.
  17. Lone Gunman

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    Well, ....... I've been an NRA member for almost 1/2 a century now. Forty-Two of these years as a Life Member. Which will reveal that I was an NRA member back in 1977, during the so-called, 'Cincinnati Revolt' — A rebellion by the NRA's general membership that the ruling NRA hierarchy in Washington, DC richly deserved, and earned every moment of!

    Unfortunately however, and in my continued opinion, the NRA's ruling aristocracy-of-the-day very cleverly managed to, 'beat the rap' in Cincinnati with no real changes to the association other than, perhaps, the mail and phones finally began being answered again, and the association's corporate bylaws were modified in such a way that, henceforth, it would be next-to-impossible for the NRA's general membership to, ever again, legally rebel.

    (A subtle modification to the association's bylaws that Harlon Carter, himself, was thoughtful enough to insist upon, and guaranteed no subsequent NRA president would be able to achieve control of the National Rifle Association in the same way that Carter, himself, had risen to power — Thanks, Harlon!)

    All too sadly the same: corrupt, self-serving, and duplicitous management protocols; high level, 'inner sanctum' cronyism; and, 'good ol' boys' (Fellas, as usual, we've got 'um all fooled!) management style have remained firmly set in place and continue on to this very day.

    In my opinion the modern National Rifle Association — with its always mysterious high governing board, (Where the REAL POWER lies!) and the well-intended (but frequently befuddled and, ‘out of the loop’) board of directors — is one of the dirtiest political tricks ever played on the gun-owning American public. (Kind ‘a like the Rothschild's Federal Reserve Bank System.) Needless to say Harlon Carter, the hero of the Cincinnati Revolt, is NOT and never will be my idea of anybody’s hero.

    I watched what Carter did during and immediately after the Cincinnati Revolt; and, as far as I'm concerned, he was one outstanding, 'bull-hooey artist and a very crafty devil'. It did not surprise me, in the least, to discover that Carter was simultaneously a politically very well connected retired Border Patrol Agent, as well as a convicted murderer whose family money got his conviction turned aside. (That bust of Carter's head in the NRA's lobby in Fairfax continues to both annoy and remind me of, 'How' the game of representing America's gun owners is really played.)

    Do my fellow NRA members agree with me? Are they ever going to really catch-on? Well, I kind 'a doubt it. The general membership AND the board of directors have had nearly 40 years to figure things out; but, all anybody gets at the annual convention is (Gasp!) treated to the likes of Ted Nugent concerts! (Ted, please, stop singing!) It's sad just how emotionally stupid America's gun owners can be; and what is the greatest physical monument to the emotionally based stupidity of an average NRA member? It's right in front of your nose: The NRA's, grossly overpriced and very difficult-to-use Whittington Center out there, somewhere, in the New Mexico badlands.

    The two biggest real estate expenditures the NRA has had in my lifetime are (1) the Whittington Center, and (2) the new headquarters building in Fairfax. Both were ill-considered, grossly overpriced, and logistically unnecessary for NRA management, both then and now, to acquire. I watched the NRA piss away tens of millions of dollars and sign the association up for a good 30 years of debt on purchases that absolutely positively did NOT benefit the membership-at-large!

    (Kind 'a like Barack Obama's recent payment of — what will, over time, ultimately amount to — MORE THAN THREE BILLION DOLLARS in cash and deferred interest payments to the Iranian government for — What? — four hostages!!! (Barry, or whatever he's going to call himself from now on, give me an eff 'in break!) I mean, come on, as if shooters in states like: Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, or Alaska are ever going to enjoy frequent use of the shooting ranges at Whittington? Ain't never going to happen, folks!

    You know what would have helped, though? If NRA management had spent even half the amount of money they lost in New Mexico's high desert country, on local shooting ranges all across the United States, Alaska, and Hawaii — THAT would have made a difference! The regional construction of local shooting ranges would have been considerably less expensive, and of much greater practical use to the NRA's national, general membership-at-large. (But, BUT, that was not then and, I daresay, is not now the NRA's intention.)

    If I weren't already a Life Member I would have withdrawn from the NRA at the time these purchases were made and never returned. (I'm a retired Licensed Real Estate Broker as well as an academically accredited and dual-certified business and residential property appraiser; so, yes, I do have some idea whereof I speak.)

    Heck, I was ready to withdraw from the NRA after the first time I heard Ted Nugent give a live concert! (Gasp!) All I can say is I hope for Nugent's sake that he can shoot a whole lot better than he sings; cause, otherwise, Ted's going to give another concert, someday, and how's he ever going to be able to escape!

    Does the NRA do any good? Sure they do; BUT, the NRA could have (and, I think, all these years should have) done so very much more! Were the National Rifle Association a typical, 'for profit' business corporation instead of a bloated, emotionally overcharged, and money-stuffed organization, then, the usual tides of business enterprise, external competition, and corporate financial controls would have — I am certain — already swept the National Rifle Association away like the pandering, inept, bloated, emotionally hyper-charged, and preposterous wastrel business enterprise that the NRA really is.
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  18. BlueDuck

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    I get fed up with them my self. But I support them. Without them I doubt Trump would have won. That makes it worth it to me.
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  19. 3M-TA3

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    NRA Life Member also used the easy pay program - you can do it monthly or quarterly.The NRA isn't perfect, but it's far better than no NRA. I re-joined when I did to help make a political point during the worst of the Obabacrat's gun control ravings. I also support GOA, OFF and SAF. My non-monkey Amazon Smile makes donations to SAF (Second Amendment Foundation - Washington State), and I use a program that Fred Meyer's/Kroger set up to donate to OFF (Oregon Firearms Federation)

    A lot of people bitch about the NRA not being as involved as they want them to be in State battles, but the fact is that the the reason we are battling Bloomberg/Soros and their Democrat sock puppets at the state level is that the NRA and GOA have shut them down at the Federal level. I see the GOA as more the heart and soul of the effort, but needing the muscle of the NRA as well as the grass roots of local organizations to be effective.

    I see Second Amendment advocacy groups in a layered structure:
    Federal: Mostly NRA along with GOA
    Regional: Mostly GOA along with NRA and some state level organizations
    State: Organizations like SAF and OFF
    Metropolitan Areas: Fully owned by Bloomberg, Soros, et al - these will be the last bastions of gun control
    Smaller cities: Get yer gun grabbin' asses outta here before I set the dogs loose

    My point is that you need to be a member of more than one organization and help them with their part of the pie. Whatever the weak part is will be where Bloomberg and Soros will spearhead the next effort. State orginazations are currently the weakest areas because they have the least individual resources. I'd like to see State organizations like OFF and SAF team up to become more powerful while the NRA keeps shutting out activity at the national level.
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  20. ghrit

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    Please do not forget the JPFO. A smaller organization, but involved and deserving of at least recognition as active. We've all heard of or from Gottlieb and Korwin.

    JPFO: Fierce Defender of American Liberty
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