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Discussion in 'Blades' started by SoCoRuss, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. SoCoRuss

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    Any recommendations on where to get good replacement Kydex sheaths to replace those extremely cheap nylon ones that seem to be on more and more knives? Its amazing, you get a good knive but a POS sheath. And when you call to ask the company about upgraded sheaths, they dont have any.

    If you a place for GOOD nylon ones, that may work also. The only thing I have against Kydex is I like to have a little pouch on the sheath for a sharpening stone or firesteel.
  2. Bear

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    Okuden makes the best kydex sheaths IMHO... Brian Wagner is the man who makes all the sheaths and he does it for a number of manufacturers likr Busse and Spartan... He"s a good man and I am proud to call him a friend... If you give him a call you can mention my name... Craig in Hawaii... I"m sure he set up a pouch foe a stone as welll.... If you are partial to nylon check out Semper Paratus Tactical... Dan is the owner and also makes for several companies and units of our Armed services.... you can also mention my name.... they aren"t cheap but they both use the best materials and and their sheaths take a beating and lst forever.... Hope that helps.... by the way... they are both knifemakers as well and Brian also makes blades for some of our military units... let me know if you have any questions....
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    Will do, thanks a bunch
  4. m 99

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    Semper paratus tactical. Had one made for my Busse knife heavy nylon shell with pocket with a kydex inside. About 60 bucks but well worth the money.
  5. Gray Wolf

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    Most of my Busse knives have kydex done by a guy named brown, His trade name was By Brown or Buy Brown. No affiliation with him, I just like his work!
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