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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by CATO, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. CATO

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    I've been busy this week experimenting with .22s.

    Specifically, using CB rounds and their report. The CB ammo I have been using look nothing like the Wiki entry. I've been using the Winchester cartridge.

    I have used the CB rounds in a Ruger MkIII and Ruger 10/22. Both were very accurate with the cartridge, but would not cycle the spent casing effectively making both a single-shot/bolt-action -ish type of weapon. The reports on both were noticeably less...but not so much that no one would notice.

    I then remember I have a Remington 552 Speedmaster. I haven't shot this rifle in 30 years.

    The nice thing about this rifle is that you can shoot anything in it: .22lr, .22l, and .22short. It cycles them all with ease. However, it would not cycle the Winchester .22CB...AND, the CB report was louder than the short. So, just something to think about: .22 shorts are effective close range and have a low report (perhaps something to stock up on if you have the right weapon).

    Now, for my question:
    The 552's iron sights were probably beat up somewhat from all of the moves I've had in the past 30 years, so, I've had to adjust my windage all the way to one side (the front sight has no protection--I think I've bent it ever so slightly). Luckily, it is very accurate now--as accurate as my 10/22, but, I'd like to go ahead and replace the sights to something more robust. I would actually rather have a leaf sight for the rear if I could find a protected dovetail for the front. My uncle had a 552 that I think had this set-up.

    Can anyone with actual experience give a recommendation on replacement sights. I've been looking at some after-market Williams' sights, but I've never used them.

    Possible vendors for sights other than Williams:

    Not sure I want to by-pass the original sight by putting on a peep on the receiver.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. tacmotusn

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    I have the Remington 572 pump action, tube fed, 22. It also feeds and shoots all 22 rounds of the 22 short. long or long rifle. I used the "CB longs" to effectively and quietly dispatch feral cats. The CB long is the same external dimentions as a 22 short. I for one am an advocate of the Ruger bull barrel target pistol with the .920 diameter and use of plastic pop bottles 16 to 20 ounces as a slip on silencer. A high b-square clamp on scope mount that allows use of the regular open sights, or a scope, raises the scope line of sight high enough to not be obstructed visually by the pop bottle. My scope of choice was an aimpoint red dot scope. This gun was stolen from my house, but was very effective for quiet accurate shots even in town with houses a few steps away. I have never done this of course, but I have seen it done ....

    BTW, be warned, use of a pop bottle as a silencer constitutes a federal crime
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  3. tacmotusn

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    Why not contact the company toll free directly and explain your needs and ask what they have?
    Usually sellers of accessories other than the manufactureer, only carry those items of greatest demand.
  4. CATO

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    Not true.

    The CB longs I was using were longer than the .22 shorts I have and louder.

    CB rounds come in both short and long versions. The .22 short and .22 CB shorts are the same length in terms of case length (10.7 mm)--the .22 shorts have a heavier bullet and are longer overall. The .22 lr is (15.6mm) and the .22 CB long is (15.1mm)--again, in case lengths.

    The difference between a CB long and CB short.

    cb-caps. cb-caps.
  5. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    You may be right about the length. Truth is I assumed that from memory. Even smaller than the CB short is the CB cap. I could be wrong about the following as well. ..... it is my understanding that CB rounds, all of them are powered only by the primer charge. In fact I haven't shot any 22 rounds except 22 LR and 22 CB Longs in multiple decades.
  6. CATO

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    Here's some more info RE powder:

    Two weeks ago, I didn't know any of this...and didn't really care because everything I had was .22lr (except for the Speedmaster, which I never shot, but really like now).

    My reason for all of the testing was that I needed a cartridge that:
    • was quiet (didn't want the neighbors to notice)
    • would not have an exit wound (so I wouldn't have to worry about any property damage)
    • would not get stuck in the barrel of a rifle (for this reason, I did not shoot any .22 CB shorts in the 552, but Ruger MkIII was OK.)
    In a SHTF situation, having these options may be useful if you need to bag squirrels/rabbits and don't want to alert the whole neighborhood.

    So, I learned a little about .22 ammo and saw that I have a void in my guns (i.e., I need a new gun to fill the void). I have determined that I need a .22 bolt action. Probably a Savage MKII or a CZ. I guess I should go ahead an admit to myself that I would like to have a revolver too...with a cylinder for .22lr and .22 WM. I'm not even sure if they make such a contraption.

    In any event, I had a blast testing out the ammo. Shooting a .22 is a lot of fun and sure is cheaper than feeding everything else.

    ...and my backyard is now coon free.
  7. oldawg

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    G_F I have a Ruger combo 22lr/22mag revolver. With a 6 inch barrel the mag round will wake the dead and light up the night.I wouldn't trade it but I rarely use the mag cylinder. I do consider a 22 revolver a must have in my kit.
  8. CATO

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    I started searching as soon as I posted that and found the Ruger Single Six with interchangeable cylinders. So, it's definitely on my radar now.

    However, I thought that I should just go ahead and get a suppressor for my Ruger.

    My intentions with the .22 mag would be hog hunting. I normally use black powder, but I think that pistol would work just fine.
  9. TwoCrows

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    You must have very small "hogs"

    Do you shoot them from a tree stand ?
  10. Seawolf1090

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    The Heritage Roughrider is avalable as a combo too, with both cylinders, and some older Italian western-style revolvers were similar (like my Tanfoglio TA76). Much less expensive than the Ruger Singlesix, and shoot very nearly as good.
    I have my Remington 552 in pieces on my computer desk rightnow, after I read this thread. Am typing over it. ;)
    I bought it from the local gun&pawn a couple years ago, and have had chambering problems. I need to refinish the wood anyway, so I'll fully dismantle it and see if I can fix it.
    For years I have been using the .22 Colibri and Super Colibrifrom Aguila as yard pest killers. Great indoor medicine forthe huge spiders I am seeing - the TA76 has nailed eight of them now. Last one (4" leg spread -whoa!!) I first hosed down with spider spray, then popped her with three Colibris from my Stevens 15 singleshot rifle. I live alone, and the Colibri barely dents the wallboard and bounces off hardwood trim. [patr]

    I find the Colibri is much quieter and less penetrating than my barrel-cocking .177 pellet rifle. Hope to use them in my Rem 552.
  11. CATO

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    They're not Hogzilla....but heavy enough to make you sweat...150-200lbs. Anything bigger and you just have to carry all of that somewhere.

    No tree stands....I get bored way too easily.

  12. Seawolf1090

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    Nice porker! The ones here I saw last season on the hunting lease were maybe 75-80 pounds - sows with little piglets, all black as the ace of spades.
    Found the problem with my Remmy 552 problem child! I had never been able to get the thing to chamber a round, so had stuck it back in the gun closet. Man, am I ever embarrassed..... found a dud live round in there! Been there since I brought it home - some arsehat sold it to the gun&pawn like that! I finally looked down the bore once disassembled and could see no light! Had the mangled Winchester SuperX in there! Popped out with the cleaning rod. I know it's not mine, as I have never used that particular ammo!
    Reassembled the rifle - getting the recoil spring back in is a bugger! Took her to the range this morning,and ran three tubes of Winchester Dynapoints through her - nary a hitch!! Now I can feel good about refinishing the wood and metal, and giving her a good scope!
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