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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tango3, Dec 11, 2007.

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    Now Tango, just because the earth has been warmer in the past than it is now, and just because the sun is going through a phase of heating up as it does from time to time. All that means nothing, nothing I tell you. It's all because the cows are farting to much!!!!!!! If you don't believe me just ask my buddy Al. [lolol] If you still don't believe then we will send [patr] to give you taser1, then you'll be a believer too. [beer]

  3. Evenglischatiest

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    Do I smell monkey on the grill?

    You're a DENIER! You just sit there, denying denials all day, you evil DENIER!
    You still think the earth is flat, and we'll all fall off the edge unless we pray every night to your idol Hitler, and his financial empire known as Haliburton.

    If there's no global warming, then how do you explain all that ice on Goatman's ranch? Huh? Huh? HUH? And don't waste our time with some pointless technical babble, like ice freezes because it's cold. We can all see right through the bull***t propaganda that Exxon pays you to spew. That's just a pathetic attempt to evade the question.

    Wait... I lost my place... What was the question again?
    Oh yeah. YOU'RE EVIL! Answer that!


  4. Tango3

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    buuuuurrrrnnnnn himm!
    Denier??' I'm just posting something I found on infowars...Pompus,paranoid[shiftyeyes], a little confused, irritable,incontinent maybe, but evil? hardly.[coffee2][loco][whistle2]
    Seems to me "we" had ice ages in the past and pulled out of em without people or cowfarts to help. You know all natural like., Then there's big Al's carbon credits brokerage, buying an Escalade to haul your ammo to the mall?, send $10,000 to me; and tipper and the kids will plant 200 pine seedlings to offset the emissions from your pig. [fart][fart]
    taser1taser1taser1me and you'll just create extra ozone!:shock:
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    Why are we even discussing this when "The Debate is Over".

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    toldya its just divisive rightwing propaganda....
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    I read somewhere recently one of Algore's "Global Warming" speaking engagements in the PNW was called off . . . due to snow & ice.

    "BWAHAHAHAHAHA . . . . !!!" [lolol]
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    now, now thats a direct result of global warming. Remember the global collapse cycle: heat melts the ice; ice dilutes the seawater;changing the worlds ocean currents (great conveyor);violently changing the climate.Saw it in a movie once. Nobody is denying the climate is not getting warmer on average.we're just saying its natural.We're not about "saving the world", the "world" will be fine : "We" on the other hand may be screwed! the "world" will just shake us off like a bad case of fleas.
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    I love Alex's new documentary, where he asks David De Rothschild why Mars and Jupiter are warming and notes that they are not also suffering from having too many SUV's. [lolol]

    Quite funny.
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    So you admit it? It's not just our planet you're destroying. You're polluting the entire solar system. I guess it's not enough for you to kill our own polar bears. You have to kill martin polar bears too. But even that's not enough for you. The ENTIRE UNIVERSE is now dieing because of you deniers.

    I say "you" and not "we," because I'm entirely carbon neutral. [angel] I've decided not to get a winter holiday tree this year. That tree can now live on forever, cleansing Mommy Earth of all those nasty pollutants.

    Does anybody want to buy some of my left over carbon credits?
    Never mind. I can think of a better way to use them. [stoner]

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    spaceball 1 needs a new catalytic converter??
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