Report: We’ve Failed Miserably at Preparedness

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    Report: We’ve Failed Miserably at Preparedness
    Efforts over the last two decades to prepare communities for disasters have failed and new methodologies need to be developed, according to research by FEMA’s Higher Education Program.
    Report: We’ve Failed Miserably at Preparedness
    by Jim McKay / March 1, 2019
    A review of the last couple of decades of the federal government’s approach to developing more disaster-resilient communities yielded the stark affirmation that those efforts have failed because of a top-down, one-size-fits-all approach that doesn’t reach most communities.

    A better approach, a new FEMA Higher Education Program report says, is to develop individual cultures of preparedness from the bottom up that could eventually lead to a more resilient nation.

    The report was the result of a two-day workshop that convened 39 expert scholars and practitioners at Georgetown University to discuss how to build a culture of preparedness. The theme of the report is that to build a culture of preparedness, the efforts from the past that have been mostly ineffective should be abandoned in favor of efforts that encourage local engagement through “culture brokers” with individual communities.

    Follow link for the rest of the article: Report: We’ve Failed Miserably at Preparedness

    When I read articles like the one linked above I wonder how we got to the point where the government is responsible for teaching people basic preparedness. Where in the last 100 years did people stop passing on information and basic skills to the next generation? Everything has become to a rely on someone else world. The majority of people live in or near urban areas, that is the truth and it will not change. So how can it be turned around and we become a more resilient nation in regards to disaster preparedness? How can people get it through their heads to store a few things? Ever single hurricane we see store shelves wiped bare, yet these people live in hurricane areas so why does this happen every disaster?

    A monkey and a fish were caught in a terrible flood and were being swept downstream amidst torrents of water and debris. The monkey spied a branch from an overhanging tree and pulled himself to safety from the swirling water. Then, wanting to help his friend the fish, he reached into the water and pulled the fish from the water onto the branch.

    The moral of the story is clear:
    Good intentions are not enough. If you wish to help the fish, you must understand its nature.

    The report linked in the excerpt I pasted talks about teaching preparedness in college and universities but what about the large portion of people that do not attend college or the U? Should the old fashion boy-scouts be mandatory for all kids? How do we turn it around so that people start thinking and planning just in-case tomorrow disaster happens?
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    Perfect timing - I was just about to post this:

    ALHFAM - Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums - Index

    Not only is it possible to live in a pre-industrial (NOT pre-technology) time, folks do it every day.

    Working as a volunteer on one of these living history farms is a good way to learn food self-reliance for you and your family.

    Check you local area, these organizations are normally looking for (unpaid) workers to keep up the place - working gardens and so on. Staffed by folks who have to the kind of knowledge most here are seeking, it is worth at least a visit and asking about work/training opportunities in your area.
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    People no longer know who the neighbors are.
    How can one even be certain just how dependable the entire neighborhood can be in let's say after a hurricane?
    We live in an area with plenty of prior experience dealing with hurricanes.
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    part of the problem is for areas that have not experienced a (recent) wide-area disaster, few people see the need to 'waste' either the time or money to 'prepare' . The general perception of what it means to be "prepared" has been so twisted by the mass media and frankly some Gov't 'information - I'm not surprised at the report.

    The Boy Scouts that taught old-fashioned preparedness ceased to exist in the early 1970s for the most part.

    There are other youth centered organizations, kinda-sorta like the BSA, but the only one focused on what many call Bushcraft is the Baden-Powell Scouts. (Welcome | BPSA) they have not-tto-recently changed to name to the Baden-Powell Service Organization. So, I take this to mean old-school Scouting is all but dead.

    One area of seeming growth is the Bushcrafting community.

    Bushcraft USA Forums offers a series of 'lessons' ((B) Student Practice for the Simple Snare) but even this is of limited usefulness owing to the urban nature of most peoples living situation.

    I see this as something people will come to on their own or suffer for their lack of attention.

    Cities can become disaster resistant, Anchorage is just such a place, thanks to lots of FEMA money.
    In the recent 7.1 quake, nobody died (building codes) the power was restored in under two hours for the majority of the population and many businesses stayed open.....
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    My parents went through The Depression and WWII but never taught me anything about survival should times get hard. My grandparents (Dad's side) had a small modest home on two acres. They had a half acre garden, three apple trees, two raspberry vines and did a lot of home canning. My mother's parents had a cherry orchard on over 100 acres, a pond connected to a stream with native fish, a sheep herd, chickens, IOW... A farm. I always to wanted something between the two of those options but married a city girl.

    People are lazy. Given the opportunity to rely on someone else or a government entity, they will. Only an independent being will foresee the need to prepare and take the necessary steps to do so.
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    Aw, Man!
    Ya mean the Gooberment isn't responsible for me, my property and my safety, Say it ain't so!
    This is what happens when the Gooberment is in charge of things, especially with the top down approach to management, By those who derive their power from office, and not experience! There is so much I could say here, but would likely incur the wrath of the Mods, so I will refrain for now! All I will say is, Having worked with these agencies under FEMA, there is a rush to "Do Something" but no idea what, when, how, or where, and they dump all sorts of resources into it before any of those questions get answered, then sit back and watch it all fall apart!
    The Insurance companies making decisions ahead of every thing else is no way to run a rail road, and they shouldn't be allowed to even participate in the efforts or influence and decisions until after the resolution of the problems! Politicians need to step out of the way, and let the real efforts take place with out political influence or involvement!
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    It is really very simple.
    "New Deal | Definition, Programs, Summary, & Facts ...
      New Deal
      , the domestic program of the administration of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt between 1933 and 1939, which took action to bring about immediate economic relief as well as reforms in industry, agriculture, finance, waterpower, labor, and housing, vastly increasing the scope of the federal government’s activities."
    The new deal became the safety net for all, at least that is the general opinion by most and what was represented >"be entitled or appointed to act or speak for (someone), especially in an official capacity" as the case by every Gov in the US since.

    I could drag this on and boar all to tears but most bought into the Glee Club approach and they just sat down and waited for the Manna from the Gov.

    A few continued to teach their children the facts of self help and the necessity providing for a family as if there would not be any manna from heaven.

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    Devine intervention is unlikely.
  9. HK_User

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    5000 years ago Moses said, "Pack up you camel, pick up your shovel, mount
    your ass, and I will lead you to the promised land."

    5000 years later, F. D. Roosevelt said, " Lay down your shovel, sit on your
    ass and light up a camel, this is the promised land."

    The last president tired to tax your shovel, sell your camel, kick your ass,
    and tell you that the promised land is in Japan.
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    During the cold war people had bomb shelters in there basements.
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    I believe you are right and that could have been the turning point in our nation. But now it seems the government doesn't want to be 100% responsible. I do not l now how they are going to do that. It will take generations.
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    The French never did recover from the Reformation days. The Free French went to the US or be killed in their beds by the King's and Church's men. One country, One King, One Church like it die or leave that was the reformation days.

    Mayre was a real person who did so and upon his arrival in Va was given 800 acres.

    So we will have to stand and fight as there is no other way and no place of safety to immigrate.
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    We have cities that are against people being prepared and discouraging them from gardening which is the ultimate goal of preparedness. This must change. so long as appearance over rides practicality, stupid people will continue to be stupid.
    So long as emotion over rides reason ,stupid rules.
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    Then if you prepare for some kind of disaster you are one of them crazy peppers.
    But if you are a camping or outdoors enthusiast it's ok.
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    One way to fool the sheepele is to explain things in terms they understand. This way you can have all the "camping gear" you want! It works on my GF.
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    Camping,That's the ticket!
    Your now a nature loving outdoorsman enthusiast who wouldn't harm a butterfly.
    A deer on the other hand is fair game, fish crawfish ,limb rats,turkeys,all need a place by your fire.
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    Camping is a mistake IMO.
    A great many have the same plan .
    During the 1927 event certain deer species went extinct right away, not to mention all the other animals being used up for food .
    And there are millions more people now than then, and have the same plan ,with far fewer animals to harvest .
    I would be willing to bet that certain areas will disallow entrance to their forested areas for tha sake of preserving hunting grounds and fire danger. Post SHTF there will be no fire department .
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    Who is this “We” you speak about in the OP? There are plenty of Folks, around this country that are “Prepared” to deal with 95% of your worst case senerios... and will do just fine... Some of us were taught from an early age, to always consider the possibilities, for ourselves, AND our, then, and future Families... To have and keep “ A Years Supply” of goods, food, and cash... We were taught, to actually LOOK, at where we were going to live, and work, not with Eyes of the Present, but. Eyes, of both the Past & the Future... Will that creek flood? Will that hillside slide? Is this Wildfire Country, Tornado Country, Hurricane Country, Earthquake Country, and if living here is required, what can reasonably done to mitigate these Dangers... How many folks, just LOOK at a house, and really think these things thru to Conclusion, or a Town, or Neighborhood, and judge the other people, their Schools, Politics, and lifestyles, and what the trend is moving forward for the next 10, 20, 30 Years? Yea, It takes a lot of thinking, pondering, and researching, but if you do NOT do, YOUR DUE DILIGENCE, then. when these disasters happen to you, it is your own fault, for your lack of vision, and understanding...
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    Even before the Face Machines most people never looked where they were walking and would trip on a leaf.

    I have no hope for much except tomorrow.
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