Reports: Russian fighter jets headed to Syria, which asks for more

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    'fulfill a "contract ... concluded long ago."

    The old long ago contract....

    Is that sgt. Oddball from Kelly's hero’s on the DShK?

    This will end well

    Syria's embattled government will get at least 10 fighter jets from Russia -- and they want more, Russian state media reports -- moves that come amid rocky diplomatic efforts to peacefully end the Middle East nation's bloody civil war.
    A source involved in Russia's defense complex told the official Itar-Tass news agency Friday that Russia will sell Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government MiG-29 fighter jets to fulfill a "contract ... concluded long ago."

    A Syrian delegation in Moscow is pressing for even more jets, with MiG executive Sergei Korotkov telling Russia's state-run RIA Novosti's news that his company and these Syrian authorities are talking about the "details and time frame of a possible contact."
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    This is about as predictable as Petraeus accepting a comfy Wall-Street job.
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    actually a win - win for the US and the West ..... let Syria spend all the $$$$$$ they can on the big toys like this .... less $$$$ for the Muslims to spend on terrorism .... when the Tomahawks start slamming into the airfields & defense systems they'll be toast ....
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