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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Northwoods, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. Northwoods

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    RBN is down...
    some sort of personal prob or something...
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  3. Seacowboys

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    Sounds like somebody poisoned the well.:censored:
  4. Minuteman

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    Is this a regional station or what. I've never heard of it. AM,FM,XM or shortwave?
  5. melbo

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    Nationally syndicated. I get it here when GCN is not on.
    AM 1470 Truth radio Alcoa, TN
  6. melbo

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    THis was the site but it looks as if internal squabbles have tweaked the webmaster.

    Also heard that Alex was involved in a bit of a fight last week too. Death by 10,000 paper cuts
  7. Minuteman

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    Ok. Just read the article in the link. I thought it sounded familiar.
    I don't know the guy who wrote the article but I am very familiar with John Stadtmiller.
    I'm not going to go into details but I had some dealings with Stadtmiller a few years ago and he was pulling the same kind of crap back then. I had nothing to do with him or his organization after he pulled some underhanded stuff with one of his own top people. The guy warned me then not to get involved with him.
    As for his claim that he "Got" Mark. That's BS. Mark being in Prison had nothing to do with John. Tho I wouldn't doubt that he was feeding the flames of the alphabets and trying to stir up crap.
  8. Tango3

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    Reading the article this Stadtmiller is bad company...thanks for the info...
  9. Northwoods

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    good or bad...
    i do find it a bit strange that john was gonna put on that guy fron HN..the tax guy ...brown or something....then his his site goes down...
    was gonna put him on an hour a day.
  10. melbo

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    I have the Audio of when Brown was on with Jones last week. Was a great show and I broke it down into the 3 hours for an easier listen. This day's show was so good in it's basic explanation of the state of the country that I burned it to about 10 CDs for friends. Maybe one will actually listen to it:rolleyes::censored:

    1st hour
    2nd hour
    3rd hour
  11. melbo

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  12. Minuteman

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    Stadtmiller is an agitater at best and a fed stooge at worse. Another John Trochman. He (Stadtmiller) was a major contributer to another famous Patriot fued between Mark Koernke and Bo Gritz.

    At a preparedness expo in Dallas concerned leaders got the two( Mark and Bo) together in a hotel room and said "Look, your fued is hurting the movement and it needs to stop." They made a tentative truce that night and agreed to quit airing their differences in the public spectrum.
    The right and mature thing to do. It was shortly after that that Mark disassociated himself from Stadtmiller and John moved to Texas and set up shop.

    Alex Jones was only a speck on the Patriot network at that time but he sided with Mark and had a very cordial relationship with him. They frequently were guests on each others GCN radio programs. This didn't sit well with Stadtmiller and I believe was probably the start of bad blood between him and Alex.

    I think the final straw came when Stadtmiller was supposedly arrested in Texas with a concealed pistol. The call went out for help in raising money for his bail and for his legal defense. Alex was allowing one of Johns people to call into his show and ask for help for John. Come to find out it was all a scam.

    When the truth started to get out John blamed it all on his guy who had been trying to raise the funds. Which was a total lie. I knew the guy and he was as honest as the day is long. He is the one who warned me and told me to distance myself from Stadtmiller.

    There is a saying that Christians tend to eat their own. I think it is much the same in the Patriot community. These types of fueds are no good for anyone. And if Stadtmiller and Alex Jones had the class of the earlier patriot leaders like Mark and Bo Gritz then they would end this public freak show now.
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