"Republican Civil War" coming.....?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Seawolf1090, Sep 2, 2012.

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    If you ever had any idea that John Boehner had the interests of us Conservatives at heart, THIS proves NOT! The bastard just tossed the Tea Party and all other real Conservatives under the political bus! THIS is exactly the kind of Liberal-patronizing bullshit that lead to my disavowing the Republicans back in 2008. This is "Big Government Good Old Boyism" at it's most heinous and corrupt. :mad:
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    I don't think it's fair to assume that all here are "Conservatives". I'm as happy to see the Conservatives self-destruct as the Liberals. Both are equally destructive to my liberty.
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    for the longest time I identified myself as a republican, towed the party line, worked the polls, and voted the stright ticket. As time went on and I saw the parties growing closed together, I decied to change to an independent, leaning to the libirtaian side of things, it is just too bad that we will never have a viable third party running for president
  4. Seawolf1090

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    The biggest problem many people have is in thinking that true Conservatives and the Republicans are the same - not so. The current crop of Republicans are simply "Liberal Lite". They have attempted to co-op the name of the Tea Party Conservatives to their own agenda. The Tea Party is not aligned with either Right or Left - they just want fairness and a return to proper Constitutional principles. Neither the Democrats not the Republicans offer that.
    I call myself a "Conservative Independent". The term "Constitutional Conservative" could certainly apply too.
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    We need a Constitutionalist party that can surpass all the rhetoric that both current big parties spout. I believe in being conservative with my funds, and if people try to harm me I'll be liberal with my lead. See the meaning? Conservative and liberal are just catch phrases and not parties. Republicans and democrats have something in common. They are trying to make themselves richer and sell us down the river. We need to hang tight with our beliefs that we have certain rights afforded to us by the founding fathers and do not let corrupt parties lead us away from the dream. In this day, it is about what can I get without work. I am entitled to stuff because the world owes me. Work is hard, holding your hand out is not. WE have forgotten that a representative is simply that. They represent the American people and WE should hold them accountable for dubious backroom deals. If they don't do as WE say, then they need to be fired and replaced with someone who will. The hard part is that the WE has become lazy, apathetic and dumbed down. How can you change a system when people don't want the change? That is what WE must figure out.
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    With you Seawolf. Am a registered Republican, go to all the meetings, help with poll work, etc. but am increasingly doubtful that they speak for true constitutional issues.
  7. ghrit

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    We know pols are all avaricious, so, here’s my answer to restructuring elections to accommodate the greed and at the same time make use of it as a control on them.

    Those that seek public office should bid for it, one term at a time, rather than seek popular or electoral selection. Bids shall be submitted with a 10% non-refundable cash deposit. The take goes directly to the general fund, and the office cannot be occupied prior to the incumbent SecTreas receiving (and certifying) the full amount of the bid, in cash. Bids are opened 3 months prior to the incumbent office holder’s term expiration. In the event that all owed money is NOT received by the treasury, the office goes unoccupied for no longer than 30 days, at which time the second highest bidder starts his 30 day clock on paying up. Swearing in the second highest bidder takes place upon SecTreas from the previous administration certifying receipt of cash (not checks, money orders or credit cards, or corporate securities, either stocks or bonds.) If the second highest bidder fails, the clock starts on the 3rd highest. If the 3rd highest fails to make payments, the office goes unoccupied until a new auction takes place. (We already know that nothing gets done even when the office is occupied, so what's the loss?)

    Improper or incorrect certification by SecTreas shall be automatic cause for 20 years on the hard rock pile for SecTreas, and stripping of all his ill gotten gains as well. How the winning bidder staffs his cabinet is up to him, including bids for the chairs if that is his choice.

    All of the graft and corruptive money the gain from their time in office is theirs until the term is up.. At the end of the term, the electorate gets, by an up or down vote on referendum, to determine if they served the office honorably. However, no funding may be expended, either by the incumbent nor proxies to lobby for a favorable referendum.
    If it’s an up vote, they get to keep the ill gotten gains and seek non public service jobs at any level. Up or down, they may never hold a public office again.

    If it is a down vote, they are stripped of all wealth and property save a change of underwear and two sets of clean clothes. They will be forbidden from holding any office in public service, and must obtain work at minimum wage, with no perks, no reimbursement for expenses, nor travel at company cost, no matter how high in an organization they might find themselves, and no person or organization may subsidize them. No earnings from writing or speaking will be allowed. The cabinet takes the same route as the failed honor.

    No expenditures by the office holders nor any other organization is allowed to lobby for or against the honor referendum. Doing so gets the hard rock pile for a minimum of 10 years. (Let's put sheriff Joe in charge of that pile, eh?)
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    Did you really think that Boehner really cared about the conservative people of America? Boehner is a bumbling, spineless, play the game drunk. The Republicans are finally starting to get devious like the Dems but the Reps are throwing their voting base under the bus. How many times do people say you have to vote party over politics???? Yeah, well look what the party is doing. The party needs to be abolished and real Americans who will up hold the constitution need to lead.
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  9. goinpostal

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    I personally think elected office should be attained using a system similar to the draft,where people are picked at random out of the populous.Then use a no confidence vote to remove them from office if they are not doing the job right.It couldn't be any worse than how we elect idiots today.It would at least keep people in office who havnt lost touch with how the real world works.
  10. TailorMadeHell

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    As long as there are limits to their terms. Look at Senator, yes he was a senator first, Palpatine. A senator who became Chancellor who became Emperor. Received power during a time of war, granted more authority from other nitwits, used executive orders to garner more power, did away with the Senate and then proclaimed himself Emperor. (Yes, Star Wars reference for those that don't know.) If we do not correct our system, it is possible every day.
  11. Jaybird

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    Thanks for clearing that up TailorMade. I couldn't place the name but the whole thing sounded like the history of the Roman Cesear's. Maybe the American people should study some history, or Star Wars.
  12. Idahoser

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    you don't want a third party. Both of the existing parties were born out of disgust with what already was there, and look what happened to them. The same would happen with any new party.
    You must hijack one of these two and make it what it should be. The majority of voters for Republicans would seem to already be ready to join what you want. In either case, 80% of the voters will not be educated and will not change their votes. THat's why you can't win third party. They will vote without ever having heard of your party, and they will vote as they always have.

    It would help if you would stop the democrat trick of projecting what you wish were true onto your 'candidate'. Ron Paul? Really? You have to know that was never gonna happen and for good reason.

    bull s#!t. You can say Republicans, but conservatives are NOT as destructive as what currently goes by 'liberals'.

    What you say you want IS what conservatives want.
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  13. strunk

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    There is a Constitution party, and they could aptly be described as "Conservative". Though I personally take issue with the idea that "true conservatism" is the same as "Constitutionalist". The elusive "true conservative" seems to value fiscal restraint but only the personal liberties that they value. The "true conservative" wants to interject their own brand of religion into government. The "true conservative" wants to define marriage.

    I define myself as a little "L" libertarian, and I find some appeal in the concept of Voluntaryism. Not only do I believe in much more fiscal restraint than most "true conservatives", I also believe in much greater personal/individual liberty than most anarcho-liberals. "Live and let live", so to speak.

    We have a lot in common, us libertarians and "true conservatives". But there are many issues that divide us. You may profess faith in God, while I profess faith in science and objective fact. You may value faith, I value art. I will take up arms, if it comes down to it, and lay my life on the line to give you the freedom to worship your God. But I'm not going to put the gun down again until I know that your church isn't wiggling its way into my new government.
  14. Seawolf1090

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    Not all True Conservatives are Bible Thumpers, dude. I have no use personally for any 'organized religion', and value science as long as it isn't hamstrung by Federal Grants and agenda. I have no problem, for instance, in a belief in
    God and the FACT of Evolution - both can exist together quite handily, and indeed must. One cannot work without the other. But certain rules and limits must exist - such as 'marriage' - One man and one woman, period - anything else simply isn't marriage but can be given the same benifits in society. I do believe in strong personal freedom and choice, and in fiscal responsibility (which boththe GOP and Dems totally lack. I guess it can just be difficult to really most of us down to a simple label.
  15. Motomom34

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    I don't want a label. I don't want people treating me according to a label that has been assigned to me. I am an American. I want to be free to live my life. I am sure my definition of Conservative is different from others definition, actually I know that it is.

    I think what was the American dream could be dead. The dreams of you children having a better life then you had, is gone. I think the Republican party is done. I have let them know my discontent and get nothing but a form letter back & oh.... could you please send a check.
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