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    I have many files that I have collected over past years. Some, I may have acquired from this very site. Regardless of where they were originally located, I like to share them with others whenever possible. Below are some of those files. I hope they benefit others who view / download them.

    1. None of the below listed folders should be considered "complete". As I find new files, I make it a point to add them to an appropriate folder.
    2. ALL folders and files linked in this post, are hosted on my personal OneDrive cloud.
    3. Whenever possible, I attempt to contact copyright holders via email or phone (for appropriate permissions), of any material I compile, prior to storing a copy of said material on my devices or clouds. However, I am not always successful in contacting copyright holders. So, if anyone views any images / files in the below listed folders, and can show ownership of the copyright to said images / files, please contact me and I will gladly remove the images / files from my folders.

    Cabin Plans
    PDF Cabin Plans
    Container Floor Plans

    Farming / Gardening
    Bats / Bat Houses
    Black Soldier Fly Larvae
    Raising Chickens

    Power Generation

    Water Filtration
    CAWST Bio-Sand Filter Construction - The single best BSF manual I have ever read.
    CAWST Complete PDF eBook List (This includes the above file.)
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    Nice. I have an unfinished 25ft x 25ft storage area, enclosed second story of pole barn over an enclosed 25ft x 25ft work shop. The 24 square cabin plans would adapt for finishing off that space. Maybe the next owners, part of my tribe will finish it in that manner. I have plenty to do on my watch.
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  5. aardbewoner

    aardbewoner judge a human on how he act,not on look and talk.

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    Thank you for the files. Really enjoyed the fleataxi ones that were also posted as well Love the stories all post here.
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  7. Asia-Off-Grid

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    I appreciate it. While the files above are some resources I have been compiling for years, most of the survival fiction stories by Fleataxi (and others), were given to me by @Witch Doctor 01, or uploaded here by @Motomom34 (the North To Alaska series). So, they deserve the credit for those, really. I think I only found one or two of Fleataxi's eBooks elsewhere.

    I still have a lot more files to upload, if I can ever finish doing so.
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