Retreat in the Mountains of Panama

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Trade' started by boquete, Feb 2, 2013.

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    [finger] [alien] [AH]
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    Bro boquete committed only one sin, and that was not reading a bit before trying to sell. melbo may or may not have allowed the ad, that's not in question, it's done. That it wasn't immediately taken down with a convo explaining the preferred methods of introduction is only a matter of oversight.

    Bro, most folks don't get the greeting you got because they approached the tree from a different direction. That you are still here is a testament to how we operate, light hands on the ban buttons and so forth. Now; this thread is locked to leave the bread crumbs for anyone to follow that wants to look at your offering further and to save our Bro from more slings and arrows. We may, if we remember, unlock it later if and when you get some credibility in what SM's prime purpose is and has been since inception. We are not a real estate trading post.
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Thread Status:
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