Retreat Local: UP of Michigan

Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by Clyde, Aug 28, 2007.

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    Stupid IT Department at work web filter blocking site, I will have to read it when I get home since I live less than an hour from the UP
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    Mr. Rawles is just about on, winters are very extreme, I'm on the tail end of the "Lake Superior Snow Belt" had more issues with that when I lived further northwest of my current location. One point he brings up about natural gas, true although many if not most people in this area have the set up and the supply in hand to switch to wood for heat. Power becomes the issue at that point. Most of everyone here is on private wells, septic systems. As far as the septic the only issue you have is every two years or so when you have to have them pumped out. Wildlife is in abundance and there are more than enough lakes to fish out of.

    Of course my fear is when something big happens, this is the area many from the cities in the region will try to come.
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    Two years in da Yoop got me interested. Never mind the squeetoes and black flies, the winters are so very COOL (and bug free.) Fish and game used to be pretty readily found, but some walking was needed to get to them.
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    Had this thought myself, my brother spent time at what was KI sawyer afb Nice isolated country little to no industry so few folks...Brother split a trailer with some friends, roof deep snow was a reality...big woodshed ,big beer supply in the rootcellar.. its do-able..
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    If you are ever up there take a look at the houses, every one has a door on the 2nd level of the house, nothing leading to the door, just a door way up high on the house, that way they can get out when the snow gets up and over the fist floor. Ya Hey The last few winters have not been nearly that sever, not like when I was a kid. Snow fall average is anywhere between 60 and 200+ inches, but winter is really not that bad, even at -30 or -40 activities are still going on. Being just south of there I have the same environmental conditions to deal with, no big issues, the growing season is shorter than down south but you adjust to it, greenhouse works and gets you going sooner. You just have to keep in mind winter can start anytime after Labor Day and ends around May, sometime as late at Memorial Day [booze][booze]Hell I remember one year we had snow flurries on the 4th of July, but that's really rare.

    I've yet to buy any land up there but I am working on it, a few of my buddies have land/cabins up there, (it's where we get away from all the summer people). To add to that there are some cool rivers and falls in the State Parks, I'm planning a trip up there with the cub scouts, the boy scouts go up there all the time, spend days backpacking & camping in the back country. See were getting the kids ready for a bugout situation and they don't even know it.

    Also land is still cheap up there
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    Same here! Where I live is about 3-4hrs drive time from Chicago and 11/2 from Milwaukee. The area is full of city dweller's 'summer' homes and cottages. You should see it on major weekends...
    I can just imagine the area after a big SHTF event, everyone running for the 'nort woods. Thinking they can live off the deer and squirrels and by mooching of of the local economy.
    I doubt I could drop big enough trees across the Interstate to keep them away:sneaky:.
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    Sounds like we're fairly close...head up to wausau...we'll lay down withering fire from theb overpasses go back home you "FIB'S"!!! ...[gun]
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    I'll slow 'em down for ya at Portage. Might get the FIB's to detour to Minneapolis~[touchdown]
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    Slow them down at Portage T3 in Wausau, I'm all set

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