Mosby Review of Clandestine Carry Pistol

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    The Other Ryan, at Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest, did a short write-up on the recent Clandestine Carry Pistol coursework in Missouri.

    Apparently, he’s writing a couple of follow-up articles, based on his thoughts regarding the lessons learned at the class.

    I’ll just add a couple of comments, based on Ryan’s disclaimer that, “I am going to make a big fat disclaimer that everything said about this course is from my memory and notes. Not trying to put words in Johns mouth or say there are quotes here. If something sounds weird or stupid or wrong any fault is entirely my own.”

    1. Ryan wrote, “The class goals were as follows:
      1- Hit what you aim at.
      2- Make rapid good decisions under stress.
      3- Draw your pistol under realistic conditions.
      4- Defend your pistol and fight to employ it.”

      He wasn’t far off. My stated goals for the course are:
      1- Be able to hit what you are shooting at. (In the context of real-world shooting, I point out that this is probably going to increasingly require the ability to make solid head shots at combative pistol distances, for various reasons, ranging from explosive vest equipped active shooters–which we WILL see in this country sooner rather than later–or even simply multiple assailants that need to be put down, NOW. Pistols are notoriously shitty at stopping people, period. Putting them down RIGHT THE FUCK NOW! in the context of multiple bad dudes trying to stomp the dogpiss out of you, pretty much requires popping brain cavities, when limited to a handgun.

      2- He’s spot on here. While being able to shoot accurately is often listed as the most important skill in a gunfight, I point out that this is actually far more important. It doesn’t matter if you can shoot the bad guy’s eye out, if you make a shitty decision, and decide that six year old that ran up behind you and scared the shit out of you was the bad guy. (Don’t get too high and mighty. There have been a LOT of what Claude Werner refers to as “Negative Outcomes” because of piss-poor decision making abilities, coupled with trigger happy gun owners with too much firepower.

      3- I actually cite the goal as, “Be able to get the gun into action, in time to be useful,” which covers both Ryan’s #3 and #4 goals. For my coursework, most of this is focused on expediting the drawstroke/presentation, giving you more time to make good decisions, both before and after the draw begins. We do include a block on what fighting to the gun involves, but I firmly believe guys like Cecil Burch, Paul Sharp, and Craig Douglas have the best developed POIs around for this, and don’t have any interest in even trying to match what they are doing.

    “The other way this class is different is that we shot EVERYTHING from concealment. I think this is totally valid in the context of this course and realistically any handgun training. …Why don’t other classes do this? Like the 3×5 card accuracy standard this is not mirrored throughout the training world. Seeing guys wearing big ole paddded ‘war belts’ and OWB duty type rigs is quite common. One class I looked at taking did not even allow IWB holsters!”

    I cannot imagine a “defensive pistol” course, or a “practical protection pistol” course that didn’t expect students to draw from concealment. That doesn’t even make fucking sense. I would also point out, for the Appendix-carry fearmongers out there….off this class, all but one or two guys carried A-IWB, and *gasp* NOBODY SHOT THEIR DICK OFF! Apparently, thinking your way through what you are doing, and practicing good gunhandling actually DOES make a difference, after all.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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