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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by RevJammer, Jun 6, 2015.

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    I am normally a pretty basic guy when it comes to firearms. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of gadgets, but struggle from the financial side when it comes to adding expensive dodads to my guns. Most of the time I figure that rather than spending $300 dollars on optics, mounts, lasers, etc, etc... I could purchase a new gun instead!

    Well, I recently had a the opportunity to purchase a Crimson Trace Laser Grip for my EDC pistol. I LOVE the idea of the Crimson Trace, because the Laser Grip doesn't interfere with my standard holster and obviously gives you the benefit of the laser sight.

    The standard price on the Crimson Trace is $300. NO WAY I would ever spend that for a laser sight, but in this case I was able to pick up a brand new one for under $120. I figured at this rate, if I didn't like it, I could resell it and make a $100 or so.

    So I buy and install it. Installation was not difficult, it actually replaces the existing grip of my SigPro 2022 .40 S&W. The only small catch is that the two batteries (cr2032 if I remember correctly, and they are included) sit one on each side of the grip, so you have to maneuver the grip carefully to keep them from falling out during the install (which they did a couple of times before I got it right). The instructions also said that if you installed the grip correctly you would hear/feel a distinct "snap" when the grip clicked into place. I never felt that, but am convinced that the grips are on correctly.

    I head to the range the next morning. The MFG says it comes sighted in at 50 feet from the factory but "may" require some adjustment. At about 30' I was shooting low about 6" and right about 4". One quick adjustment (hardest part of the adjustment was wrapping my fat fingers around the TINY allen wrench) and it was basically dead on.

    I have to say I really like this addition! at 30' and closer it is an incredibly helpful piece of equipment. However, I did notice that from 30' and out, the laser dot "dances" to the point that it gets distracting (for me) and I am much better off with my iron sights. I must say I was impressed that even at 30' - 50' the laser was bright enough to see even in full sunlight. I will also say that the switch takes a little getting used to. With my standard grip, the middle "pad" on my middle finger is what activates the laser.

    Yes it does, and will, take some practice/training to become proficient with it, but at this point I would HIGHLY recommend this laser grip! Having said that, I still would not spend $300 on it, even knowing how much I like it. I guess if you were flush with cash and/or spend $1,500 - $2,000 on your weapon, the additional $300 for the laser grip is probably not a big deal for you.

    Hope this helps someone!

    RJ Crim Trace pic 2.

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    On topic: I used one of these in Iraq, dunno if it was Crimson Trace, but it was built-in to the grips of the Beretta 92fs. Also, I remember years ago using one on a Taurus PT1911. I think it's more about individual taste. I certainly can see the attraction, but I wouldn't use one because it isn't tactical elite enough for me. What I mean is, stealthy and fool-proof. The CT lasers are really cool, though. I wonder if they come in IR? Now, that would be tactical elite. But only at night. :p
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    Back on topic...

    Its been my personal observation (S&W 1911pd W/ CT grips) red lasers are not all that visible in full daylight. They are better suited to heavy overcast skies, deep shade, indoor use and night time and any other low light situation's.

    Green lasers are much better suited to bright environments, however they are much more expensive and IMHO well worth the investment if you depend on a handgun to protect your life.

    Not an opinion but rather an observation, YMMV.
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    Most of the SpecOps Boys have gone to Inferred Laser Illuminators that only show up in their NightVision Googles, due to most of the BAD Guys not having those capabilities... The latest Technology in this area, is to Modulate the Lasers, with a Coded Carrier, that can only be detected if the Receiver is looking for that SPECIFIC Coding.... Similar Technology to the Laser Illuminators used for Air/Ground Laser Guided Bombing Systems..... It is a form of Spread Spectrum Technology that keeps the Illuminator from being detected by others, in the AoO that do NOT know the Code....
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    NotSoSneaky -
    That was my experience as well, but with this one, it was clearly visible at 30' and still able to see it at about 50'. This was outside in sunny conditions. I was impressed.

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    I bought Crimson Trace lasers for my Shield as well as Mrs. 3M's during a blowout sale just after last Christmas for under $100 each. Being able to fire without having to take the time to aim in a life or death situation outweighs the tiny additional bulk. I did have to get a new holster. The laser is still very bright on a sunny day past distances where I'd be able to take full advantage of it.
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    I have CT grips on several of my pistols. They are expensive, but when you've got aging eyes....

    Best way to zero them is to use a generic boresight laser in the muzzle, then walk your Crimson Trace Laser spot over the top of it at whatever distance you want them set.

    If you want, you can actually set your manual sights for a different distance. Inside of where you've got the laser set, it you have to take a "snap shot" it will be good enough for "minute of bad guy".
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