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Book Review Review of The Survival Template by John A Heatherly

Discussion in 'Survival Reading Room' started by melbo, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Tracy

    Tracy Insatiably Curious Moderator Founding Member

    Sounds like a great book! Very kind of you to offer signed copies.

    Win or lose; I'll read one.
  2. JohnAHeatherly

    JohnAHeatherly Monkey+

    Thanks to everyone who has signed up for the drawing so far. Please remember that RogueJournals.com is offering a 10% discount on their hand-made leather journals for readers of The Survival Template. Check Rogue Journals (New!) -    THE SURVIVAL TEMPLATE         John A. Heatherly for details. Again, I am not making any $$ from this promotion, but I believe these products are valuable survival tools and they complement The Survival Template.
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  3. Byte

    Byte Monkey+++

    Count me in. Melbo's review surely does paint his as a worthy read. Nothing like having access to the author to boot! I've been meaning to sneak it onto my niece's Kindle too! But I guess I really need to read it first.

  4. JohnAHeatherly

    JohnAHeatherly Monkey+

    Hello everyone. Please remember the drawing for the 5 winners is on the 16th. Simply post in this thread with something like "sign me up!" to enter the drawing. All I ask in return is that the winners come back to this thread to discuss the book with me at a later time. Thanks!
  5. JohnAHeatherly

    JohnAHeatherly Monkey+

    Congratulations to our 5 winners: Falcon15, Ghrit, Sapper John, Wild Trapper and Yoldering! Each of you please send a PM to me with a mailing address for the book.

    Thanks to everyone who entered, and I look forward to our discussions going forward.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    John, PM inbound, and thank you.
  7. Prometheus

    Prometheus Monkey+

    Read through it in a couple of days very much enjoyed it, I intend to read it a couple more times to get a good feel for it, I intend to give it a good solid try to see what I think of the process. The book is very informative and the idea is sound. Bringing it to light as you have done is truly a service thank you.

    On the fields of battle lie the blackened bones of those who in the midst of victory sat to rest and resting died.
  8. Yoldering

    Yoldering Monkey+++

    PM inbound!!! Thank you very much!!!
  9. JohnAHeatherly

    JohnAHeatherly Monkey+

    Prometheus - Recently I bought a small journal and got a new start on some of the ideas in the book. I am noticing that the process helps me to focus in a balanced way while I am "surviving" and to tune out subconscious noise from the news, the tv, the radio, or whatever.
  10. Sapper John

    Sapper John Analog Monkey in a Digital World

    John, I received my copy of your book today. I can't wait to settle down and read it.Thank You again for this wonderful gift. I am looking forward to reading and discussing this book.
  11. Falcon15

    Falcon15 Falco Peregrinus

    Mr. Heatherly, I too received my copy, and I also thank you for the gift. I will read it and post my review immediately upon finishing it.
  12. Wild Trapper

    Wild Trapper Pirate Biker

    I also received a signed copy this week and will be reviewing it when I've finished reading. While I could probably sit down and read right through the book in a short time, I'm reading and digesting, takes longer that way.
  13. JohnAHeatherly

    JohnAHeatherly Monkey+

    Awesome. No problem - I look forward to talking to you guys.
  14. JohnAHeatherly

    JohnAHeatherly Monkey+

    Hello everyone! Please note that only 10 days remain on this! Rogue Journals is providing a 10% discount on hand-made leather journals for readers of The Survival Template. These journals are perfect complements to the book. I am not making any $$ on journal sales, but believe in them as effective survival tools.

  15. Falcon15

    Falcon15 Falco Peregrinus

    I have read, and processed the information put forth in The Survival Template. THIS IS AN INVALUABLE TOOL. Your BRAIN must be focused on survival and using the journal is a very astute tool to do just that. Another thing to consider from the Manual for the DVD series Target Focus Training dovetails neatly into this, it is about attitude and mindset:

    Of course, that training focuses your mindset for self defense. Survival Template is another form of self defense. You will be focused on goal oriented survival. Without goals, you have no drive. Without drive, you have no will. Without will you have no hope. Without hope you die in 3 months.

    This tool has helped refocus me on my goals and getting my thoughts down on paper in a more structured, easy to reference manner. If you want to survive beyond eking out a barely liveable existence, read and follow this books suggestions.

    The most POWERFUL and dangerous tool we all own is out brain. What happens when you leave a tool unused for too long? It becomes unusable. This book tells you in simple concise ways how to get your tool sharp and ready for what is to come, be that a personal, natural, or catastrophic disaster.

    I give it 5 bananas out of 5. Smart monkeys will buy and read this book!
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  16. CATO

    CATO Monkey+++

    I concur with Falcon.

    In addition to survival, this is a must read for your career too. Being introduced to Stockdale's Paradox was a light bulb moment for me. I've often thought "just get through this day and this pain/mental anguish will seem insignificant in a year." Well, somebody already thought of that and put a name to it.

    EDIT: Today, I have found out when trying to write things down in a little pad that I can no longer write in cursive. Something else to practice on.
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  17. JohnAHeatherly

    JohnAHeatherly Monkey+

    Falcon - Thanks for the tip on the Target Focus Training. I am looking into it now. "Attitude is the most important survival skill."

    Guit_fishN: Yeah man - Stockdale had to have been one of the toughest dudes around. The Stockdale Paradox helps me as much as any other concept in the book. I want to read all of his books.

  18. hedger

    hedger Monkey+

    Just downloaded The Survival Template onto my iPhone.

    Excellent review by Melbo convinced me not to wait.

    I'm looking forward to reading this, soon.
  19. JohnAHeatherly

    JohnAHeatherly Monkey+

    Awesome hedger. Yesterday I reread much of it in the airport on my iphone. I hope the book has value for you.
  20. Wild Trapper

    Wild Trapper Pirate Biker

    I took my time in reading the book so as to ruminate or digest what I was reading. So, now that I have finished it, I want to acknowledge John for the gift and write a short review. Not a review like a teacher might expect, however.

    I have several little papers with fortunes written on them that came in those fortune cookies from a local Asian restaurant. I used one of those for a book marker while I was reading it. This morning, after finishing the book, I looked to see what it said on the fortune cookie paper. This is what it says: "There are dreamers and there are achievers. The difference between the two is action!"

    I'm rather old, and have achieved most of what I have wanted from life, however there is always something more we "dream" of doing. Making dreams become achievements is what the book will help a person do. There is a point where a dream most end and action most take over or failure is the end result. It is a good thing that some of my "dreams" never became achievements as hindsight is 20/20. However, failure is not always a bad thing when the dreams where misplaced.

    One thing the book tells you to do is write down your objectives - what I've always thought of as goals. Whenever I have wanted to achieve something in my life, I found this technique of writing stuff down, making lists, has helped me to successfully complete tasks and achieve the desired goal.

    Thank you John, for putting into words what so many people could be helped by if they would apply the principals in your book. Each person's objectives in life will be different but the same process would work for just about anyone who wants to improve their life situation. Reading the book will change the way you think in many ways. But, for change to take place in the individual, action must be put to work.
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