REVIEW: ROTHCO Special OPS Tactical Softshell Jacket

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    Normally I stay clear of anything called Tactical anything and specially anything thats stated to be waterproof or have any "Extreme cold weather capabilities" because pretty much all the time it is designed by people who has never gone icefishing in sub 35 celcius.

    But, I needed a jacket and I'm on a budget pretty much all the time with kids and wife and bills, bla, bla, you guys know what I'm talking about. Also, the pockets seemed like a nice addition and I figured with an extra sweater I might make it through this fall.

    So far I've been using this cheap jacket for everything, fishing, some hunting, to work, to the store, wrestling kids in the yard and to the shooting range and I am really amazed. I've had jackets two times the price who couldn't stand "normal use" (my normal use could be considered pretty rough at times) for even two weeks.

    Front chest pockets got little pockets inside them, great for pens, flashlights and so on. A big pocket on the back I found useful for dog leashes and such.

    I would recommend this for any outdoorsman looking for a pretty sharp looking everyday jacket with alot of heavy duty pockets for a good price. The wife even says it makes my butt look cute.

    I got the coyote tan version.

    Edit: Heard the picture didn't work
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    I don't think your link works right.
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    Yeah, I found the jacket already. I just wanted Wastelander to know his link is crap. (he fixed it now) I actually like his review, and this may possibly change my previous thoughts about all Rothco products being cheap garbage. I will say that the Condor Summit Shell of this same caliber is something I personally prefer because it's more stretchy and vents better (for wearing a MOPC vest outer) than the Rothco. And as far as Rothco fleece is concerned, I would stay far away from it because it falls apart.
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    I was looking at the Summit online at first but it was 3 times the price here in Sweden and for me atleast I never even owned a jacked that expensive that wasn't issued to me by the state. Couldn't do it. The prices in the US are great and all but they tax the crap out of it when you try and import.

    Still, It's a nice jacket for the 800 SEK (About $120) I payed for it. Yep, it's that expensive here. And I like that it has an everyday look to it, more sporty than mall ninja-ish.
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    I bought the Rothco’s Spec. OPS Soft Shell Jacket about a half year from The quality of jacket is great. Waterproof polyester shell, 3-layer construction. Very comfortable, very good wind resistance. Breathable moisture wicking fabric. The jacket is quite warm. All the pockets to store everything you need. It is a good jacket for the price. Sure, you can go spend $120 on a Summit but I'm going for the $80 for the same warmth and functionality.
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