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    I noticed a scary, scary comparison to Nazi Germany. The soft words, the soft meanings for the names of the "Residential Centers"; and that's what they call them, "Residential Centers". In Germany, if I recall correctly, they called Political Re-education camps and they too were setup way before they started carting people off to them. Just a thought.
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    They aren't spending all that money just in case...

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    I kept getting that I couldn't post because my token was expired or something. Then I was told to refresh my screen because of the tokens. Things have been a little whacky here this morning and last night when I got messages the server was busy and to try again later.

    KBR was awarded contracts to build three 1M person FEMA camps in the US. Halliburton was awarded contracts for “temporary” immigration detention centers and who knows all of everything else they've been awarded contracts for since it seems they're rather "diversified" to say the least. Add those two eye poppers to the contracts awarded for re-opening and updating every Japanese and German prisoner of war camp and I’m not the only one worried about what it would really be like getting stuck in one of those “facilities” for a greater good. Soooo…. exactly how many of these wunnerful wunnerful reality camps have they created for us when we’re starving after the economy collapses? And…. what’s everyone’s best guess as to the sum total of Americans all these “safe havens” combined can intake? They obviously intend to warehouse Americans in these “relief” centers and the US population is somewhere around 310M so I’m just wondering what % of us does FEMA have the capacity to warehouse… er uh…. provide food and shelter for?
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    It is real, and it will happen. Now is a matter of when. I know this is in the TFHL, however you cannot deny the records, openly available to the public (it boggles the mind, the hubris of the goobermint goons), for perusal, reading and research. 99.99% of Americans are unaware of this...
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    You're preaching to the choir here... I've put my time in searching for and reviewing the the documents and I've seen the FEMA "resort" in IL and I've spoken to credible folk in IN that have seen a state of the art "facility" in their state sooooo..... I'm definitely quaking in my boots over this but what I'd like to know is, [FONT=&quot]what’s everyone’s best guess is as to the sum total of Americans all these “safe havens” combined can intake?
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    Let me turn my tinfoil hat inside out here for a moment.

    I followed the above link on the 800 FEMA Camps in the US.

    After checking the listing for Oregon, they only listed current prison facilities in use. The supposed FEMA camps are operational prisons, except the WWII Interment Camp. I don't know about your areas but non of these facilities in Oregon are a big secret.

    Sheridan - Federal prison satellite camp northwest of Salem. This facility is a Minimum Security Work Camp (This on the same grounds as the medium security facility, it just does not have a fence around it. Looks like I can kill 2 birds with one stone.)

    Josephine County - WWII Japanese internment camp ready for renovation.

    Sheridan - FEMA detention center. (This is the medium security prison facility, I'll go check for myself about the FEMA Camp signage. I don't live very far from it, about 1 1/2 hrs. away)

    Umatilla - New prison spotted.

    Wouldn't .gov have a better chance at keeping us out of these FEMA Camps than to try and ship folks off in boxcars like cattle to a detention center. This seems more feasible to me, if it were so. Our state has a population of 3 1/2 million people, if these facilities were completely empty, they could not even begin to house a fraction of the state's population.

    Maybe I'll just have to go look for myself and see the supposed FEMA Camp sign. There does not seem to be much room for many here, this prison has a capacity for 2000 inmates. Here is the current population as of today according to prison's website.
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    Decentralize the detainees. The prisoners of the camps in WWII were rarely interred close to their home towns. This put a detainee on uneven footing. If they escaped, they had no place close to run. No friends or potential allies...

    Rail cars can be loaded in any state and offloaded in any other. Chew on that thought for a moment.
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    Well according to the documents I looked up there is a total of approx. 1.5 million prisoners in state and federal custody for the year 2010. If all of those prison beds and then some were to be emptied you could not even house all of the population of one major city in the US. I will stand by my claim that if .gov is truly building prison camps, it is not to put you away but to keep the chosen few in.

    I did not say that these camps were not being built, I just think if it indeed is true they are being built for different a reason than you guys.

    Who is to say I'm right or wrong? There is no concrete proof either way. I think it only makes sense to keep us out and them in.

    I'm pretty aware of what happened during WWII, my grandfather lost his life during that war.
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    Colt, you guys aren't paying attention to the millions of plastic coffins.

    And as for the FEMA camps and railway cars, they are designed to transport and house the high risk targets for interrogation, or for leaders and other primary targets who may prove to be of value. They never planned on capturing every last civilian. Even the Nazi's singled out their primary opponents beforehand, and later turned to the Jews for "extermination" (this is arguable since '6 million jews' is also a phrase used for many years among the Zionists prior to the second world war.

    All the government has to do is make it look like standard 'relocation' and then start digging trenches to bury the coffins.

    But, who knows? Perhaps the tyrants will all have a change of heart, the secret government will resign peacefully, and we will all sing happy melodies whilst holding hands. Anything is possible, right?

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    want to know what I think?? I think with the chem trails and the food and all the strange goings on, there going to kill a lot of folks and detain many more on a list. I think we are screwed and I think soon. I know we have many " private prisons no one talks about, and we have several fema camps in this state also. I think its true to limit the population but killing and poisonings. face it, they want us dead!
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    No.... they don't want us ALL dead.... the elite will need slaves to be able to bury the dead and later on they'll need us to ensure no further disruptions to their lifestyles.... they'll be willing to forgo their creature comforts for the cause for a while but not indefinitely. ;) Just kidding.... who knows what they've really got up their sleeves but one thing I think we can all be sure of.... we're for sure going to be the ones who get the short end of the stick.
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    you guys aren't paying attention to the millions of plastic coffins.

    And as for the FEMA camps and railway cars, they are designed to transport and house the high risk targets for interrogation, or for leaders and other primary targets who may prove to be of value. They never planned on capturing every last civilian.[/quote]I didn't spend a lot of time but I did spend a little time poking around and pretty much came to the same conclusion you did.... they already know who they want to "serve". I did a little math. KBR's three empty but ready to "serve" camps can warehouse 3M. Halliburton's empty but ready to serve "temporary" detention centers can probably "serve" another 5M. The POW camps that were "upgraded"... probably another 2M plus a spattering of "additions and alterations"/"improvements and betterments" to existing facilities and prisons that could provide "services" to another 1M. Then there will be all the makeshift "camps" they've got their eye on like Chicago's football stadium but.... they've got their eye on all that college campuses can offer too so collectively... maybe another 5-6M or so able to be "served" in makeshift camps they've already identified. That's a lot of "chosen" to "serve" but no where near even 10% of our population.
    Backing up to those coffins…. personally…. I think with all the new crematoriums they’ve built.... those "people transporters" will be multi-tasking in and out but what do I know. Just want to point out to everyone that the vaults aren't exactly one-use then bury,
    The coffins were evidently the talk of the town for a while but they’ve fallen off the radar so to speak just like Jesse Ventura’s program fell off truTV. What a coincidence. I’ve found more info on them for anyone interested and the actual contract is available online if anyone's motivated.
    Introducing….the one… the only…. THE POLYGUARD HERCULES BURIAL VAULT
    A Polymer Vault Engineered to a Higher Standard.
    Check out the specs on these babies!!! Not only are they multi-taskers.... they're stackable too!!! And by gosh by golly…. they're “green”…. we all know how the "elite" just looooove anything "green" and the vaults afford added environmental protections for those “special” occasions>>>> check this out in plain view at a distributor website, you will have to scroll down.... it's not exactly easy to spot, POLYGUARD HERCULES BURIAL VAULT
    A Polymer Vault Engineered to a Higher Standard.
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    And they're made in Afton, WY. Really wish I knew somebody in the area that might have a connection to the company. It would be interesting to find out from them how many they've sold under gvmt contract over the past 10 years. I wonder what kind a of reception an anonymous caller might get? Or what might happen if someone were to drop by and just ask?

    That section of 89 from Monpelier, ID to Alpine, WY is one of the very few sections of Wyoming highway that I have not traveled.

    Maybe a MC trip to Jackson Hole is in order? With a slight detour for good measure.

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    If it was "Me" riding, I would wait till spring and after the snow was gone.... that isn't a highway to drive lightly, on a two wheeler in winter....
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    Oh yeah I meant for Spring/Summer. It's still too icy to even drive around town here in MT. I've been in the Jackson Hole area during the winter and it's most definately not for 2 wheelin'!

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