Revolution Is AN Option

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Seacowboys, Jan 30, 2012.

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    For many years now, I have been bludgeoned with tons of email trying desperately to stir some sense of Patriotic fervor in support of our troops and whatever war they have been sent to fight by the Military Industrial Complex to provide a market for the bombs, bullets, missiles, MREs, Uniforms, Medical Supplies, Tanks, Planes, Subs, Ships, Fuel, Airports, Warehouses, and War-zone contractors. War is big business and if you can package it and sell to the people who are sending their children off to die, that they are somehow defending our Freedom and Liberty, then it is much easier to swallow. Even the printer that makes the “Support Our Troops” bumper-stickers is doing it for the money. All the viral emails about “Thank a Soldier” for our Freedom, the tear-jerking stories of Battle-field miracles or Daddy surprising his little girl at school by appearing in a Santa suit when all she wanted for Christmas was to see her Daddy….all designed to enlist an emotional reaction in support of the war’s agenda and mask any logic that would make you ask one simple question: How the hell has any war since WW ll had anything at all to do with defending Freedom, Liberty, or the American way of life?

    This has been a deliberate media blitz designed by the same people and think-tanks that brought you the “Patriot Act” and its latest Addendum, the “NDAA”. Let no good crisis go to waste! Create an event or capitalize on one created by others, it does not matter, the agenda is the same. The controls are in place and we are now living at the most subservient level in the History of the United States and this includes the period where slavery thrived. They not only control pricings of food products, they have genetically engineered the seed that grow them and effectively destroyed our means of feeding ourselves without buying paying their license fee. They not only tax us, they make us, as employers, become unpaid tax collectors and accountants for them. They allow us to “Own” property but stop paying the ever increasing annual property taxes and see who actually “Owns” your property. Why would my property require annual taxing? It does nothing to aquire cost that must be maintained. It consumes nothing. If it is improved, I pay sales taxes on the improvements and they raise my property taxes?

    It is all about control, even the “Social” programs that hands out entitlements to those that don’t want to work. If this were not so, then anyone unemployed and feeding on the social tit would be placed into a Community work program that patches pot-holes, or plants food crops or fruit trees, or picks up trash, and those of us that contribute would receive indisputable value for the money we give to these entitlements.

    I do not believe there is a democratic resolution to this possible; we have been taken over completely. We have become brain-washed to a sufficient degree that we look at some balance of compromise between our Freedoms and the public good. We allow ever increasing restrictions on our choices because it is easier than fighting the system. It is now time for a War that none of us ever wanted to see.
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    The grand question is where does it start and who starts it?
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    Well said seacowboys:thumbup:

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    @Seacowboy, you as a threeper know it may already be too late because the 30% required to support an active revolution may not now be there. That as it may be there are many still who will answer the call to assemble
    on the green. This election coming up may be the LAST chance for a peaceful return to the vision of our founders. If that fails I'll be waiting for the call but not shocked if it doesn't come.
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    Most of us bought the P.R. edition about the War of Northern Aggression being about "Slavery". Almost nobody ever questions that but if you do and seriously ask yourself why the South attacked a fricking Yankee "Fortress" (Fort Sumter) after we had already succeeded the Union, what you get is a bunch of syllogistic rambling and no real explanations. Well, I did my home-work and here is the story that you don't get to hear unless you really dig:

    The Merrill Tariff. A 38% Federal import tax placed on ALL products entering Southern Ports. The South was Agri-based and relied heavily on importing goods from Europe as well as the Northern States and the Merrill Tariff bankrupted thousands. The Feds sent armed troops into the South to collect these taxes or impound property, if unpaid. The troops also were "preventing" smuggling. Those that refused to pay the Tariff were demonized in the North and a full media blitz was instituted to garner public support of the Southern "Slave Barons" that didn't want to pay their fair-share.

    The one fly in the ointment that can't be denied by history, was a Bill before the House that Lincoln offered to sign if the States that had left the Union agreed to return and pay the Tariff, a carrot that he dangled and is a matter record, that would have guaranteed Slavery in perpetual, but the South decided to destroy the Federal Tax Troop garrison instead.

    Lincoln indentured our nation to the Rothschilds to finance his war and it has been down hill ever since. That is why I detest the Republican Party.
  6. ColtCarbine

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    In changing people's thought process and ideology that both the Democrats and Republicans alike are the problem not the answer. Revolution does not have to be violent, it can be as easy as a stroke of the pen.

    When the masses quit feeding into it's the Democrats fault or the Republicans fault and stop the blame game. They have quite the well organized mechanized machine at their disposal. I know when I speak to people from either side and hear the blaming of whatever party, I try and convince them that both parties are at fault.

    Who's been in charge of the mess we are in?
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    I am all for a non-violent solution. I must state, for the sake of argument, we are quickly approaching a point where the PEN will no longer be mightier than the sword. The masses being the issue, and the fact that, conservatively, 98% of the populace is asleep at the wheel. Once the circumstances pass that point of no return, the MASSES are more dangerous than the government.

    It has been those self same "masses" in nominal charge through the misuse of their votes. Party line rhetorhic serves only one purpose: to keep the masses divided firmly along ideological lines. It is a tool of conquest, dividing a nation internally and it is working in the US. We will see a mass awakening. Once it is too late to affect change with a vote.
  8. Redneck Rebel

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    I hear ya Sea... the historians and politicians have managed to suppress the facts but not erase them. Ole Dishonest Abe's Emancipation Proclamation didn't free all slaves as the school books would have you believe. The slave states that stayed with the union or attempted to stay somewhat neutral were not affected.

    Emancipation Proclamation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The war was 100% about tax money, such as the collections mentioned by Sea above, but also the fact that the port in Charleston Harbor was one of the most important ports to the nation at that time and the big ole US Customs house reaped in import taxes by the wagon load without returning a cent to the state of South Carolina or the City of Charleston to maintain that port.
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  9. Seacowboys

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    The Emancipation Proclamation was not even ratified until nearly four years after the War of Northern Aggression had ended: I am so tired of hearing how the war was all about slaves when slavery wasn't even important enough to make a ballot until years later.
  10. ColtCarbine

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    Take your pick on the sub-categories of division. How many times have you been in a room of people with similar ideologies or political affiliation that can not agree on just a few issues. Issues is just another way they keep us divided, besides political parties.

    Abortion, Gay marriage, Illegal Immigration, Woman's Rights, Unions, Capital Punishment, Trade, Religion, Racial discrimination.......

    The list goes on and on. People need to put issues aside and realize we are all on the same ship. I can think of a few issues above that divide Monkey land alone.

    Yeah, I know sounds like I'm living in a dream world. If a person does not even try, then we are all doomed.
  11. Redneck Rebel

    Redneck Rebel Monkey++

    Is it a mental defect that I would prefer the ship sink simply because I've always found starting from scratch to be easier than repairing the damage done by the well intentioned novice?
  12. ghrit

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    That is indeed where it gets tricky. What are the Federal government's responsibilities regarding any of those "issues" you've named?

    Trade (international) certainly. Intra state, well, there are cases for setting standards, even tho' most will sort themselves out by economics.
    Immigration? Certainly.
    Discrimination, probably.
    Women's rights? Certainly some, those in public matters anyway; private and personal issues, certainly not.
    Unions? No, economics will level that.
    Capital punishment? No. States right. Federal Courts can set their own rules on that. Whichever court has jurisdiction gets the say.
    Others? Lots, most of which have no effect on national governance, which is where DC should keep its beak.
    The rest are unwarranted interference in private matters. Thus spake me, and maybe me only.

    As long as we focus on who can beat who in an election rather than the candidate best able to steer the Ship of State in international waters, we are going to be stuck in the same groove. We are divided by political dogma, ripe for picking off.
  13. Falcon15

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    My point exactly. Thank you for the eloquent reply.
  14. NVBeav

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    I grew up thoroughly indoctrinated into the Northern premises (as in North vs South). The very colors of red and grey were enough to promote disdain; even the word South conjured images of slavery and evilness. I am serious.

    Then I heard a series of sermons discussing the whole story. As I listened with a sceptical ear, I could see my world gradually turned upsidedown.

    The winners of the war control what's considered history. It's funny how a little truth dispells a whole lot of rhetoric.

    I was looking for links to the series of sermons I heard but could only find a DVD of a debate between Peter Marshall and Steven Wilkins. Of course, Wilkins is high on the Southern [perpetual] Poverty Law Center hit list, so that should give you a little background.
  15. limpingbear

    limpingbear future cancer survivor....

    I honestly believe that it wont matter who wins the election. I think the ship has hit the iceburg and the hull has been breache and cannot be fixed. It will be too little too late. If obamy wins....plane takes a nosedive, is Romney wins....Well obama light, same fate just a little more drawn out. The salamander? I give it a couple more years before the decline begins in earnest. If Paul wins....i think congress and the senate would try to block his every move simply out of spite and obstinance...
    Hit the button already.....
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  16. ColtCarbine

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    Agreed, just trying to point out we are divided by more than political parties. Not trying to be argumentative at all.. I feel .gov has their nose in a lot of places is does not belong. Putting my thoughts on paper is not my strong suit.
  17. Gator 45/70

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    Ran into another what i call ''silent prepper'' today and his thought's were on the upcoming election...His forecast...Come this summer when O'dumba$$ entitlement followers realize that the entitlement master is not on the ballot in some states...
    The innercity meltdown will begin...
    Plant your garden's...Lock and Load boy's and girl's...Lock and Load...
  18. Seacowboys

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    To paraphrase the Reagan's the Revolution begins by simply saying "No"! It has to start somewhere and the first step is to say enough is enough, I will not participate in that; period, no debate; fricking quit!
    Refuse to collect taxes, refuse to pay taxes, refuse to use FRNs, stand up in civic meetings and announce it! Silence will accomplish nothing. There is a million acts of Rebellion available before bullets are fired. Someone I know recently spent several hundred dollars on a laser that will fry surveillance cameras. For every ticket they get from some unauthorized surveillance, ten cameras will need to be replaced. For every insult to our Freedom and dignity, exact an exponent of retribution, either financial or physical. A $100.00 fine will ultimately cost the system a grand. It is time to stand up for our rights but even more so, it is time to make demands on the system that we feed. They have been demanding the fiddler play only their choices for far too long, let's Rock, Bitch!
  19. sgt peppersass

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    Seacowboys has it right. There are tons of ways to show resistance before anything violent is brought to the table. A good book called "total resistance" by H von Dach lists many examples from passive to aggressive. I hope the gov gets their stuff together soon, people are pissed all over the world and are taking things into their own hands. Its only a matter of time.....
  20. ColtCarbine

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    Nor will throwing in the towel, giving up, admitting defeat without trying and saying it's too late. People are pissed off and feed up, the trick is figuring out how to become allies with those you have indifferences with.
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