Revolution Is AN Option

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Seacowboys, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. ColtCarbine

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    Are you saying there are 4 adults in each household? If a person does the math in the statistics, the average household has 4 people on Food Stamps.

    This is so far derailed from the original intent.

    ETA: on second thought maybe this was not a derailment
  2. carly28043

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    Just to add another to twist to the number crunching and how it may translate into support for the government:

    For an accurate accounting you would have to consider those who would prefer to be independent. While maybe not the majority, it would affect the numbers. I don't know about the rest of the country, but here it would make a difference. There are many people in my area that were laid off when their jobs were sent elsewhere and they blame government policy. This comprises the majority of those on unemployment in my county. Then, there are those who took what jobs they could find at a much lower pay rate and recieve some assistance to help with the cost of raising their families. Most of these people have taken quite a ding to their pride and sense of independence.
    Also affecting the numbers are those in government employ who have taken the best job they could find or a job they believe in but also disagree with the choices of of the government. You can find these people working in all levels of government.

    While I believe it is correct to assume that most people would not bite the hand that feeds them, these are just a couple of the things that could make it impossible to come up with an accurate number. People's opinions change as changing policies affect their lives. It reminds me of a guy I used to work with. He was always defending the company when someone complained. One day he started talking about about how bad the company was and said he had turned in his notice. When asked what happened to his belief that the company was so great his answer was "they had not screwed me then". The policies of various governments affect people the same way.
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  3. Idahoser

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    wow, talk about some twisted logic.
  4. ColtCarbine

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    Yes sir, I will agree with you. I have collected my fair share of unemployment over the last 3 yrs. with the economy being what it is. Some people think this is Public Assistance and are probably right. However, it is part of a deduction that came out of my paycheck, not an absolute handout like Food Stamps or Welfare.

    From what I see from the numbers, we still out number them.
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  5. ghrit

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    Bear in mind that some of those actually paid into the system for just such an event as job loss. Too bad they didn't have the foresight to plan for that, or that circumstances dictated the need. I ate federal beans (they were out of ham) for a couple weeks years back, and I had paid into the system for just that event. That there are those out there that didn't pay in is fact. The proportion is a question in my mind. Not a trivial fraction, of that I'm sure.
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  6. Seacowboys

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    When you have two sides of the same damned coin and they are flipping it to see who gets to spend your earnings, tell me how that logic is twisted and support it with any fact and not conjecture?
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  7. Redneck Rebel

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    Yep and they simply have to be two sides of the same socialist proregressive coin because there has been ample opportunity in recent years for GOP controlled congresses and prez's to make changes and they've chosen not to.
  8. larryinalabama

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    Well Im not too birght and have trouble posting links and finding facts, however I can assure that there is more than 3.3million people receiving Social Security monthly checks.
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  9. carly28043

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    I don't consider those receiving Social Security checks to be receiving government handouts. As long as it is available, when the time comes, I plan to accept mine in an effort to obtain what the government took from my check.
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  10. larryinalabama

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    I dont want to change the thred into a Social Security Debate.
    My point is that someone on Social Security (or insecurity) that depends on the money to survive isnt likley to want to start a REVOLUATION.
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  11. BTPost

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    Social Security is NOT a .gov HandOut... I paid in, my whole Working Life, Still Do, and NOW, I am collecting on those Dollars, every Month. This Money is OWED "Me"... and just because the .gov has raided the Funds to pay some other Moucher, does NOT mean they do NOT OWE Me, and my Wife, at least what I put in, until We Both Die. That is our Contract with them, and the First Politico, that messes with that Contract, will Cook his OWN Goose, PERIOD... None of them are Stupid enough to Commit Political Suicide, by Ticking off 1/3 of the Registered Voters, and Growing Daily..... .... YMMV....
  12. Falcon15

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    Carly, they are on the government payroll, and reliant upon the tax base. A massive amount of "disabled" folks are not actually "disabled" and MANY are the children of illegal immigrants who get SSI for ADD and ADHD - I will say NOT a word about SS Fraud. Social Security accounts for $15.4 Trillion of our $117.6 Trillion of unfunded, yes UNFUNDED, liabilities. Which is also inclusive of Medicare and Medicare Part D (Prescriptions).

    Larry: 55.4 million folks as of December of 2011

    Of course, many recipients of one form of government assistance receive multiple different types.
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  13. ColtCarbine

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    OK, I was going to post this last night and decided against it.

    Talking about Civil War and violent overthrow of the Government does not belong in this thread and is not constructive. Besides that, I do not believe it is in good form towards the atmosphere of the Forum

    People pay into the SS system and collect, so what. Yeah, I know that others are able to collect without paying into the system. If you do not have anything constructive to say, then please excuse yourself from this thread out of courtesy of the original poster. Sounds to me like you have a beef about something, take it elsewhere.
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  14. ColtCarbine

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    Then why did you post it, if that was not your intent. Start another thread on it, if you have an issue with people collecting Social Security. Have some respect.
  15. larryinalabama

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    No intent of disrespect whatsoever, and I dont have any issue with people collecting it, I do think it could be fazed out in one generation for a far better individual retirement plan in which doesnt DIE when you do.

    My whole intent is that people who get a check rightfully so or not do not want to "ROCK THE BOAT" per say.

    I aint Mad at nobody who gets Social Security. However there not likley to want change unless the checks stop coming... Just Saying...
  16. ColtCarbine

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    I am one of those who collects a check that you speak of, you are painting a pretty broad brush there. Not social Security but Unemployment it is no different. What does people collecting checks from the government have to do with anything?
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  17. Gator 45/70

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    Well i'm a bit p.o. about this S.S. Gig....
    Dad's first job was driving a tank...All the way to Berlin...
    Paid in until his death in 86...
    Little sister was able to get a bit for 3 year's or until she turned 18...
    The remainder has vanished ...?
    Color my a$$ painted red...It's a rip-off..alway's has been...
    NO one in my family has been able to draw what the've put in...I kid you not...
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  18. Alpha Dog

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    Back in the mid 90's I got a call from a security company and they wanted L.E.O.'s to work off duty work doing goverment security. I did it for a little while good money, anyway the reason for this they were going to cut all checks for drunks and drug attics. Now over half the ones we had trouble with was guy's I had went to school with. They had never worked anywhere and never paid in. After about 6 months the goverment stopped now these people are getting the checks and when we finally get to retire and all the working people who have retired will one day soon lose their check because of the illegal loans the govement has taken from the system and not paid back along with the zombies who are getting checks to do drugs and stay drunk. I think this system is away the goverment does keep alot of people in check. Notice how the working class work year after year for the same pay even though prices go up but you can bet the zombies get a cost of living raise when needed. I see my dad who has been covered up in the mines 3 times and can hardly get around struggle with the litttle bit social security gives him and just cant help but think. This Country has lost it's way. The fight is coming and it will force alot of people to pick and choose where they will stand. What scares me I dont think alot of Americans have the back bone to go against Big Brother. Where I come from if you messed with a neighbor or a friend it was the same as messing with me. Now people just look at it is if it dont bother them, they dont care.
  19. larryinalabama

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    I agree Colt Cabine.

    The thred is tidled "Revolution Is An Option"

    As far as I know and may need to be corrected but a "Revolution" is a overthrow of a current Government and it is replaced by a new government.
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  20. ColtCarbine

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    I can accept that, maybe that needs to be discussed with the original poster.
    There is no way in hell we would be able to eliminate all of government. That would never fly, I might be dumb but I am not stupid.
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