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    There are three parts of tyranny. There is the mental war where they try to convince everyone to be slaves. There is the spiritual war where they control your happiness and make people want to beg for someone to rule them. Lastly there is a physical war that comes when your spirit and education are at their lowest points. A society that has low morale, low morals, and no desire to live is easy to conquer. First come the smiles, then come the lies, then comes the killing ~Stephen King. So how do we win?

    Some people would say we need to organize. Some say that we need to stand up to them by filing court cases. Some say that we need to get violent. Some say gold and some say silver. Some say policy changes or passing laws. Everyone has a different answer and just like the Tea Party, nobody is sure what the issue is because they are focusing on the small details. If everyone steps back and looks at it, the answer is individual freedom and private property and defense of the same. The picket sign is just a symptom and NOT the actual malady. So how do we win?

    You can't fight this monster with force, you can only defend yourself. You can't win in their legal system because the game is fixed. This discourages most people but we can win another way. Simply stop using their system. Money is the soft underbelly of the beast.

    To win this thing we need to stop feeding the monster. How can we stop feeding the monster if we have no alternate lines of support. What are the basics? Food water and shelter. Do you have those covered with out big brothers help? Even if you do, those around you don't. They will take yours by force. Think you can fight them off? Ever watch a zombie movie? Its a lot like that. But more people are on our side than you might think. They are just waiting for an alternative and they will take it.

    We all have the bare essentials right now but if we were to stop working with the system they would cease to be. We can not quit our jobs. How would we pay rent? Where would we live? How would we buy clothes? We would go back to caveman ways within a few days. We need to replace their system with OUR system. We can do it seamless and easily right now. We need to start converting things over to that system right now! If we wait until things get bad then it will be too late.

    What do we need? We already have the option of doing everything we want outside of the corrupt system. We don't need permission to do things that are already lawful do we? Can I sell you my shirt? Is there a law against that? Can I trade my shirt for your shirt? Can I trade it for silver? Does putting it in a shop change that? Of course not. The licensing is what changes it. Asking for permission to do perfectly lawful things puts you under their jurisdiction. Submitting an application is submitting to the authority of another (slavery). We have the technology to avoid licensing now but it MUST be done outside of their system. Any time you ask to be ruled someone WILL do it!

    You want to start a revolution? Then really start it and don't ask for permission to start it. Stop feeding the monster by using their money, paying their taxes, going through their legal system, or jumping through their hoops. You can create everything they've created but on your terms. The most important thing is to replace their system with OUR system. The common law system still exists! Learn about it and use it! It can and has been functioning right along side the legal system for years. The trick was convincing everyone that the legal system was better and that they were the same.

    1. We need jobs that pay in lawful money. Create and support one.
    2. We need houses that are in the common law jurisdiction. Allodial title still exists! ( People are already doing this in many places.
    3. We need food and clothing and transportation that is not licensed or registered. You want a war but aren't willing to drive your car unregistered?

    We can all become rich and wealthy by doing this but there is the fear of the unknown that seems to stop everyone in their tracks. Let go of that fear and just do it. Sell clothes online for silver and gold. Sell food online for silver and gold. Sell anything you make for anything BUT fiat money. How can we do that outside of the system?

    1. We can build websites cheaply and easily that sell goods and services for gold and silver. We can create an online bank like paypal that uses gold and silver digitally to pay for products and services. We can even link up with places already in existence like the Free Lakota Bank. We can trade with our neighbors and a lot of stores will take payment in gold and silver now, just not the corporate franchises.

    2. We can sell things in our already existing stores off the legal record. Its easy and lawful to do so and many people are willing to do this now even if they aren't in the freedom movement.

    3. We can do it person to person. Face to face. Friends and family. If we start with anything, no matter how small, we have a foundation that we can build and expand from. Then we unite and link them up. Our strength comes from our unity. We can all be different just as long as we're united.

    Education is the most important step.

    Things we can do at home. Small steps first. Take a step, I don't care how small it is, but take one to improve things. Here are some suggestions.

    1. Plant a garden, grow crops, harvest seeds, teach everyone you know how to do the same. Start with a single plant if you have to but make sure you move forward. Plant two next year or three or five. If you have more than you need share it with everyone you know. The extras you have and give away is money that others don't need to spend on the corrupt system. Giving things away for free creates freedom. True charity is the enemy of big govt.

    2. Create something. Take the skills you use at work and figure out how to use them in the common law market place. If you work in a service business offer that service for gold and silver tax free. If you have a hobby figure out how to do it in the common law world.

    3. Convert something into gold or silver. Sell something online, at a swapmeet, or yardsale and go buy a silver dollar. Collect cans or scrap metal and recycle them. Keep doing this over and over until you have a lot of silver. Use that silver to buy things locally. The closer you spend money the easier it is for it to come back to you.

    4. Find someone local to you who you can talk to. Ideas grow like fungus. Create a real community. They fear unity more than anything. This is why they don't report the real numbers of protests. Its not enough that they lie to the rest of the world but they lie to their own states. Unite and win. Divide and be conquered.

    We can't win a physical fight. Now is not the time for that. We can't win in court because the legal system is fixed. Most people forget that the other front in the war is money. That is always the quiet front that nobody wants to talk about. Buying is not yet compulsory. They are trying to fix this now with socialism. We must avoid socialism because it is the last phase and they are almost complete with it. What will you do when it is illegal to have a garden or make your own clothes?

    We can do all of these things now before the system crashes. We can work out the bugs now without much risk. The longer we wait the worse it will get.

    Use technology to make it happen. Most people think they have to go back to barter and in person transactions but we don't. We can sell things online, convert an object into digital credit and then buy real silver and gold. Let us move forward because back tracking is always bad!

    The revolution is in your mind. Abandon the system. Stop using it and it will die but thinking that you can do anything inside of the system to fix the system is wrong. Its like pouring clean water into a stagnant pool. It doesn't make the water drinkable.
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    There are a tremendous amount of things one can do to keep your money and goods yours and yet remain within the law. I read of a man who did secure allodial title to his land but it was a quite expensive ($50K fifteen years ago) court battle and in the end was probably cheaper just to pay. As he said it was the principle of the thing. I do think precident like this could reduce the cost of doing battle however. Just a warning, governments do not play fair or act honestly and will charge you fees and taxes that are blatently illegal. They know all about intimidation and force. If you decide to fight then prepare for the fight.
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    President like that will make it easier for the rest of us.There should be lots of presidents out there already and if you have ever read a land patent you will see that they are there. The process to get one is actually pretty easy to do but since men forget, it has been lost in time, even though the wording is plain.

    Mine looks a lot like this:

    Allodial title is always worth it! Having complete ownership of your land where you don't have to ask anyone for permission to do anything, build anything, grown anything, pay any land taxes, pass it down to your kids without a death tax, and so on is going to be worth more than money can buy. Can you put a price on freedom?

    The process is simple. You trace the chain of ownership through the GLO (general land office) and anywhere there is a break in the chain there is a weakness. For instance, in the early 1900s a lawyer found my great grandfathers land and put a 30 day notice on it. My family never transfered the land over to this corporation so the land grab was unlawful. I simply proved the chain of title through birth records and GLO records, made a packet of it, and shipped it off to the GLO asking them to record it in their records. No debate, asking for permission, or any other shenanigans.

    check out there are all kinds of these discussions there.
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    Great post enloopius! Thanks!
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    Found this story about a guy and his family, who choose to live without money. Thought it belonged here, as it touches on a lot of the ideas presented in the original post.

    Family Lives Without Money—By Choice—and Thrives | Financially Fit - Yahoo! Shine

    I found it interesting that, to quote the article, "In the U.S., where about 40 percent of food—or about $165 billion worth—gets wasted annually, there exists a similar fringe movement of vegan dumpster divers called “freegans.”

    I have to question how accurate the "40%" statistic is, but skepticism aside, the idea of so much being wasted brought me back to thinking about one of my favorite parts of the original post -

    I sometimes think that we tend to focus a lot on things like freedom and liberty, guns and ammo, etc - and rightfully so, as the importance of such things cannot be stressed enough - but in doing so, I think it's easy for others to overlook the fact that preparedness and self-reliance in general is a positive and peaceful endeavor at it's core. So, in keeping with the ideas of charity and freedom presented above, I'm looking forward to growing more this year than I did last year, and sharing with friends and family. (And not just peppers, okra, and cucumbers - this year, I'll be growing things that people will actually eat!)

    @enloopious , great post and an awesome message man, thanks for getting me thinking about this. [winkthumb]
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    I wouldn't exactly call that "living without money".. they may not be living on THEIR money.. but they are living on someone else's money. I get the point, but it's just wanting on the actual implementation.
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