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  1. GrandpaDave

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    Here's the thing... Auto Pistols might be the hot cool thing right now... but when it comes to the old standby Revolver.... nothing is as reliable and easy to to use as the old wheel gun...just pull the trigger and it goes boom...

    For decades manufactures have been trying to replicate the performance and raw power of a revolver and carry that over to a pistol... maybe someday... but not today... Oh they come close... my .40 is right on the heels of the venerable .357 mag when it come to stopping power... close but not quite...

    As for Raw horse power no pistol can touch the .460 XVR seen below and when you talk about tiny concealed carry... yup the revolver wins there too...

    Okay so it's pretty obvious I'm an old wheel gun fan... My favorite is my large Frame Dan Wesson .44 mag... the best part is since revolvers have fallen out of favor there's some great deals to be had on these great guns...

    Take my advice... Next time your at a gun show walk past all those Glocks and XD's and take a good hard look at the revolvers being offered at half the price
  2. Cephus

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    I owned a Dan W. .445 super and it was a very accurate weapon even out to 100yds my daughter could keep all 6 on a pie pan .I sold it for almost twice what I paid for it and wished many a time I had it back.
  3. GrandpaDave

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    Couple months ago I picked up another DW .44 mag 6" barrel... I gave $250 for it... bad for him, great for me... if I see a .445 I'll let ya know
  4. Cephus

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    Thanks ,the only bad thing was ya had to reload for it ,back when I first got it ya could make the cases out of .444 or cut down some 30-40 Krags .
    I hear that ya can buy ammo now but I haven't even looked .
    I can tell ya that mine was gotten right after they stopped calling it the Rhino ,now if ya could find one that said Rhino on it you'd have something.!!
  5. Falcon15

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    Now, do not get me wrong, I am not speaking ill of revolvers one way or another. I have personal experience that shows when a revolver goes bad, it is a real expensive scenario to repair, and an unskilled gunsmith can ruin a revolver (ie untrained Joe Blow who owns one and tries to fix it himself, I mean how hard can it be, its a revolver [doh]). Now, speaking of the ubiquitous nature of modern semi autos, there will be a plethora of spares and spare parts hanging about post SHTF.

    Do not get me wrong in the least, Revolvers are NICE, simple, and powerful. I have a few, myself. I just like being able to shoot 15 rounds versus 6. On the other side of the coin, 6 rounds at a time are better than none.
  6. GrandpaDave

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    On the flip side... in 2005 Singer Marc Cohn, known for the 1991 smash hit "Walking in Memphis," was shot in head with a 9mm... the bullet went through the windshield before striking him....

    because the bullet lost so much energy Marc survived, mostly unharmed.... he wouldn't have been so lucky if the gun had been a .357 or .44 mag... so more rounds doesn't always equate to better
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  7. Seacowboys

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    I have numerous revolvers, both single and double action. I love shooting my revolvers but I want to clear up a myth about revolvers always going bang. My Smith and Wesson revolver that I shoot in USPSA competition will only go bang if fed Federal primers; nothing else will shoot in it. This is common with USPSA revolvers, having the hammer spring tuned as light as is possible. Next, there is the extruded primer or blown-back primer; when this happens, and it does happen at least enough for to have done it thrice in two years of competition shooting for me, the wheel don't turn and the gun don't go bang. And then there is the infamous 'Squib" load. This happens with factory ammo as well as reloads and I am not guessing about this, been there and bought the frigging T-shirt with factory and well as hand-loads. One did not clear the cartridge case but did move far enough ahead to render the revolver useless except as a bludgeon. The other, unfortunately, wasn't noticed until a follow-up shot was fired, ruining a perfectly good 1917 Colt but making a big ugly bulge in the barrel, blowing out the primer, and locking the pistol tight as a tick. While revolvers are inherently reliable, I can think of at least six other things that can render it pretty much useless as a firearm and do not believe them to be any more reliable than a well maintained 1911. Both revolvers and semi-autos have advantages and disadvantages.
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  8. Cephus

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    I've had S&W Mod. 19 4" since 1967 and put many a round through it ,gave it to my oldest daughter last year .
    Never had one problem with it in all that time,clean it shoot it clean it put it up.
    Never had to replace anything on it .
    I still have a K-22 that my grandfather owned and every time I take it out it works like the day it was bought so many years ago.
    Now as far as parts for pistols that I own I have a drawer full of them for each one. I like the 1911 ,PPk,and the Taurus PT 99 but I also know that they can break real easy with normal use .
  9. Redneck Rebel

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    What is 124 grain .357 SIG JHP Alex?
  10. Cephus

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    Same as a .440 Corbon only smaller !!! LOL
  11. jasonl6

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    I have a springfield xd in .357 sig. I won;t get rid of it but wish it was a .40 at the same time. Basiclly it's a 9mm bullet with a .40 neck down shell. Shoots fast and hot. Expensive to shoot though. Need to get into reloading this winter.

  12. Sapper John

    Sapper John Analog Monkey in a Digital World

    Jason, I own a Sig that I bought in 357 sig. I then bought a barrel in .40S&W.All I need to do is change out the barrels to change calibers.Uses the same magazines and makes it a very versatile weapon.
  13. Redneck Rebel

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    That was my imitation of a Jeopardy contestant, I know what .357 SIG is lol. if only they'd release it in the XDm line.
  14. Witch Doctor 01

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    Back to revolvers...

    i prefer revolvers to semi auto pistols .357 is my cup of tea... versitile can use .38 as well as .357... The ruger black hawk SSA in .357/9mm convertable is also an excellent SHTF weapon in that it can use 3 calibres instead of one or two...They also raise fewer eyebrows when used for concealed carry than high cap semi-autos especially in the more liberal states...

    just my opinion... BTW if you want to get rid of those wimpy .357 revolvers please PM...:D
  15. BTPost

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    Just a NOTE, here: for Dan Wesson Pistol-Pak owners....

    Having an extra Barrel or two in the Longer dimensions is really a very WISE idea, from the forensic point of view. Especially if the fellow you bought it from, didn't record the sale, in any way. ........
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  16. Dogfood

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    A good revolver will serve you well. I do know if you drop one in the sand it will stop it from working soon something a lot of auto pistol can handle. Reloading can be about as fast as an auto pistol if you have the skills. My 4" 629 makes a nice truck gun.
  17. Seawolf1090

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    My second-year-of-production Ruger Security Six has failed me three times.... all ammo related, NOT due to the gun itself.
    1) A reload .357 Magnum bullet ran forward in the case on recoil and jammed it.
    2) A squib .38 Special bullet lodged in the barrel, right at the muzzle. peaking out as if too scared to leave the gun.....
    3) Used 'flammable dirt' (Unique powder) in some loads, and it gummed the gun so badly it couldn't rotate. That crap gummed and jammed a Colt M1991A1 too, so I tossed the remainder of that powder into the nearest flower bed.
  18. Charliefox

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    I have a special place in my heart for wheelies! My favorite is my old police turn-in S&W Model 10. Shoots smooth and straight!
  19. Alpha Dog

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    My all time gun of guns is the 686 2in 357mag, I had to sell mine about to tke care of some stuff but I loved that gun. A little heavy but no a killer to shoot. The guys use to tease and ask when was I going to retire the antique
  20. Hispeedal2

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    I have a shelter for unwanted revolvers... occasionally some get adopted to good homes. The rest are fed a steady diet and kept in clean dry conditions.

    Please, PM me before abandoning your revolvers ;)
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