RFID Blocking Kit T-shirt

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    RFID Blocking Kit T-shirt

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    Free! Only While Supplies last!

    Yes, you read it right, but don't be fooled, this is a special deal for a limited time only! Be part of the exclusive club of geeks who own this one-of-a-kind t-shirt with our patented embedded RFID-blocking technology! Hurry up though, this offer is only good through Monday April 3, 2006 or while supplies last.

    Why would you want your very own RFID-blocking t-shirt? Well to protect yourself from prying scanners of course. In the event of a privacy emergency, simply cut out the RFID "blocking" device and place on top of the RFID chip being scanned. The result is peace of mind in an instant, for only the cost of a gaping hole in your shirt.

    So hurry up and get our limited edition RFID Blocking Kit T-shirt. Here's how you score one:
    Choose your size from the dropdown above and click "Add To Cart".
    Add at least $15 worth of products to your cart. (Not including tax or shipping.) The t-shirt price should appear as $0.00.
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    Bask in your brilliance and privacy protecting prowess.

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    [raspberry] [LMAO]
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    I guess that must be a reflection of the Tin Foil Hat Lounge, but this was actually an April Fool's joke.
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