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Discussion in 'Survival Communications' started by BTPost, Aug 12, 2014.

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    Rhiino B.

    Kenwood TM-D710A & AvMap V GPS/Plotter makes an APRS Mobile System......
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    Nice set-up BT!! What kind of range do you get with the Kenwood?
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    50 Watts for both VHF and UHF, so it covers everything within say 30 miles LOS, with ease, and has 1000 Memory Channels, and can operate on ANY Frequency between 108Mhz-170Mhz Am/Fm and 400Mhz-512Mhz Fm..... I have programmed a few more than 500 Frequencies, in it already... I put Aluminum Tape on the underside of the Top, to make an RF Ground, for the Dual Band Antenna. Seems to work good...
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    Well, a neighbor wants to buy the AvMap5/APRS/Plotter from me, and the Trading Post made a few extra Bucks, this summer, and I ordered the AvMap6/APRS/Plotter. With what I get for the AvMap5, the Upgrade will only cost me $200US. A belated Birthday Present to myself, I guess. Pictures to follow once the swap is made.
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    Exactly, Makes Firewood Logging a One Man Operation. It also saves on Saw Chains, as you can get the Logs up to "Belly Hight" when "Chunking" instead of down in the dirt, where the chain gets dull, very quickly with "Dirt Strikes".... I designed and built the Parts, in the Cannery's Fab Shop, and then got the Foreman to weld them together, and weld the Mounting Tabs on the Front Bumper Tubes.
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