Rice shows concern at Chinese military build-up

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    BEIJING (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice voiced concern on Sunday over China's military build-up, saying that the United States hoped to keep a balance in the region.

    Meanwhile, Chinese President Hu Jintao sought to reassure visiting President George W. Bush that China's rise would be peaceful.

    "There's a question of intent," Rice told reporters, referring to the modernization of the 2.5-million-strong People's Liberation Army -- the world's biggest fighting force.

    China's assertion that its intention was peaceful was "a very good thing," Rice said.

    "But obviously both in terms of our own military presence and forces, we expect that we will be able to keep a balance in this region," she said without elaborating.

    Beijing claims sovereignty over Taiwan and has vowed to attack the self-ruled democratic island of 23 million if it formally declares independence.

    Washington switched diplomatic recognition from Taipei to Beijing in 1979, but remains the island's main arms supplier and trading partner.

    When he first came to office Bush vowed to do whatever it took to help Taiwan defend itself.

    Hu said he had briefed Bush about China's unswerving commitment to a role of peaceful development.

    "China's commitment to a role of peaceful development is a choice that China must make in light of its national conditions," Hu said.

    "It's a choice that China must make on the basis of its historical and cultural heritage and also a choice that China must make in light of the current trend in the development of the world," he added.

    Yeah, sure..
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    Quig, is that us shooting the Chinese or the Chinese living up to their promise of peacefullness?
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