richardwolff capitalism hitsthefan:

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    Richard Wo lff capitalism hits the fan:

    An explanation of the crisis.[peep]

    This video is a real tour de force. In just 57 short minutes U. Mass economics Professor Richard Wolff lays out in macro terms the contours of the present crisis of US capitalism. He does this in a clear, concise way avoiding by and large the use of jargon. Any relatively informed person can easily understand the message. Throughout, actively moving graphs and charts liberally sprinkle the text and aid the viewers’ understanding of the message. The presentation (filmed before a live audience) is broken down into 10 short subsections each with a single central theme. Brief pauses between sections allow one to digest what has been said and at the same time prepare for what follows. Some of the mini topics covered include: How We Got Here: American Exceptionalism; Bust and No Boom in Sight; Why Re-Regulation Won’t Work.
    Movie (57minutes)
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    Re: Richard Wolff capitalism hits the fan:

    I watched all 57:00
    I found his explananation of our "situation" interesting and I had a nagging hint of foreboding ( heard it all before somewhere); about 3/4's of the way through his marxist under wear starts showing and by 9/10'ths he's running around nekkid...
    I can smell 'em a mile away. :)
    Hmm. he makes alot of sense though (nobody tell Ivan[peep])...( I feel so dirty):oops::oops::oops:
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    That was awesome. I had an understanding of a good portion of the causes and this just confirmed those and presented, yet again, more things I didn't think of .. and man, the light bulb just went on so many times. Great vid!!
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    Don't let the slick talk fool you like it almost did me; Guy is still a redistributive communist."They" have practiced, slick, "pat answers" for problems presented just "their" way
    nice try; "slicky boy.." re- watched it, he never offers up a solution to our current problem just offers up: "the capitalist system is overextended"and thebadguys are the greedy business owners; then offers up a relatively harmless nice humanitarian" business organization model and gently introduces the idea of it being in line with "communist ideals".

    Please watch these (David horowitz videos and you'll see where I get my piss and vinegar heartburn over these under handed sob's:( ( communists) yes the vids are also posted elsewhere here)
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