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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Tango3, Dec 14, 2008.

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    I apologise; The recent.22 thread got a little out of hand...Admittedly; afterward I could think of no better tool for a les stroud "survivorman kinda' situation than a simple rimfire rifle or handgun.I have always advocated the low to no confrontation (ifpossible) "survival" strategy. keeping a low profile so as to avoid confrontation.
    Granted: that may not always be possible or left up to you. if you guys want to debate the relative merits of that idea then I was outta' line quashing the thread...Ilove my10-22 and need to replace my sorely missed mkII. I think the point being; its not really a "panacea"( beall end all tool)...carry on, I'm going back to syndicated reruns of gilligans island and won't [gun][beer]bother anybody...
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    I have always lived my life with the firm belief that there is no such thing as having too many tools. When I first started wrenching on my vehicles I purchased cheap tools and paid for it the hard way with many busted knuckles from wrenches slipping. Eventually, as I could afford it I bought better quality tools and more of them, duplicates and triplicates of some.
    Why limit yourself to rimfire, if you can afford centerfire [peep]

    ETA: not sure if that came out the way I intended
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    Don't cheat yourself of the fun of rimfire! It's great for 'stress relief' on the cheap (relatively speaking).
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    I've got one for all of you!
    You'll appreciate the levity of this insanity, whereas I speak of the "survivalist mentality"!
    Yup, that's what I said, especially when it comes to some of us.....
    My son, digging through a bunch of boxes stacked in the corner of the living room, full of all sorts of books, and even some reloading equipment from eons ago....
    Comes walking into my room holding up what appeared to be a part of either a shotgun or rifle stock....
    I damned near fell over in total shock!
    It is a misplaced AR-7 survival rifle!
    I have not seen it for about 10 years....
    Must have been placed on top of a box, then other boxes stacked on top over months and even years!
    He thought it was part of some shotgun that was missing parts, (kind of like all the other receivers and stuff he has discovered the past couple days!) Not knowing it was a complete rifle, inside the stock.
    Now, it's not the Henry Arms version, but it's neither the Armalite, or Charter Arms versions either. Made in Cocoa, Florida, by "Survival Arms Inc". (now out of business).
    I bought this a long time ago, from a local gunshop that went out of business, after losing their lease on the storefront property they had.
    I think it has been used once, with 1-8 round magazine fired through it.
    As a matter of fact, I thought I'd either lost it on a trip into a canyon years ago, or that it had grown legs and walked out the door!
    So, I had to the only thing I could do...
    I cleaned it up with a light wipe down, checked the action, and handed it to him!
    Well there you go I said, an Early Christmas/Birthday present!
    That small discovery of something so unique to the both of us, was indeed an eyeopener for both of us!
    He'd never seen one of these before, and i had given it up for lost many years ago!
    Reminds me to look into more boxes, and start keeping track of just where I put things down!
    It's not senility, It's not senility, It's not senility!
    (keep repeating that until you believe it!!!!
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    neverheard of that manufacturer, maybe collectible? Thats like planting potatos and turning up ammunition...
  7. dragonfly

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    From several hours of research I found a review, that states that the "Survival Arms Inc", is in actuality Henry Repeating Arms.....
    Maybe I'll send 'Anthony Imperato", the serial number and see what he has to say?
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