Riots After Game=Idiots

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Spartan300, Apr 5, 2011.

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    Many fled, some holding bandannas, surgical masks and in one instance a gas mask to their faces.
    "I thought this might be appropriate tonight," said one woman who ran by with a gas mask clutched to her glittered-speckled face.

    Hmmm..... an amazing sense of foresight, or the not-so-find hand of the SEIU or similar thugs orchestrating yet another aspect of the Cloward-Piven strategy...?

    Maybe my tinfoil beanie is just screwed on too tight...... [booze]
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    The riots I worked in the past always had some fine subversives mixed in with whoever was protesting just to help get he riot started. Once they get the riot started they go shopping.

    Watching the people who really don't know what happened and why we are hitting them with stick or throwing tear gas makes you realize how many sheeple are out there. They don't even listen to the people giving the speech that are telling them to break stuff. The ones who will actually do that are already in place and primed. You can actually call the message phone or go to the web sites of these groups to get the date and time for civil disobedience training. It a wonderful country that watches as it burns from within.
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    Imagine when people are rioting for food and water.
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    Yep, let them riot, and let the civil Law Enforcement deal with them.... I, for one, will watch it all come down on CNN, and then walk over and hit the OFF Button, and go take a walk out in the woods, for an hour, or two.... I would hope that most, if not ALL my Monkey Friends, would be able to Hunker Down, in place and let it all just go by.... That's what Prep'pen is ALL About... Being able to deal with short, and not so short, disruptions in everyday living conditions, while the "sheeple" riot, scramble, and DIE, for their next meal.... Having your eyes opened to the Light of Reality, and getting your Preps ready for the Bad Times, is one major reason for this site and this Group. Passing on to the Newbies, our collective Institutional Knowledge, for their survival, is another.... Long Live,, and the Good Folks that make, and keep it running, so that there will always be a place for Good Folks to come and learn how to Survive, out the New World Order....
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