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    Jerusalem (CNN) An American yeshiva student was among three people killed in the West Bank when an attacker fired shots from a vehicle and then rammed pedestrians with the car, the Israel Defense Forces said.

    The attack happened at a busy intersection in Gush Etzion, the IDF said.

    An unidentified gunman opened fire at vehicles stopped in traffic before ramming his vehicle into pedestrians, according to the IDF.

    The assailant was arrested.

    Among the three people killed were an 18-year-old from the Northeastern United States who attended a yeshiva in Israel, and a Palestinian man, emergency services told CNN.

    American student among 3 killed in West Bank assault -
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    It is looking like it may be unsafe to travel..........for any reason.
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    That is part of the MO of a terrorist, to spread fear any way they can.
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    It may be unsafe but, I will not change the way I live. That is exactly what they want.
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    Attempting to connect a fatality from the West Bank to an act of terrorism typically espoused by the media, would be like charging a man with "making terroristic threats" for yelling at his wife, "I'll kill you, b*tc&!" --and yet, somehow, people seem to accept this crazy incorporated cesspool at face value.

    The Israeli's have been slaughtering the Palestinians since they had Israel created.
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