RIP Patrick Swayze

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Quigley_Sharps

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    RIP Patrick Swayze <hr style="color: rgb(255, 255, 255); background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);" size="1"> <!-- / icon and title --> <!-- message --> I just heard this on the news.................

    God speed, fantastic actor..................
  2. Minuteman

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    He was quoted as saying that he wanted his work to be his legacy. What a legacy. Some all time great movies.
    Road House
    Dirty Dancing
    Steel Dawn

    and my favorite Red Dawn


    Maybe not oscar material but great flicks all the same.

  3. kansasrebel

    kansasrebel Monkey++

    I agree with you on Red Dawn! I have it on vhs and I still watch it when it comes on tv. I hope he wasn't in pain when he passed.
  4. Brokor

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    I ripped Red Dawn for my iPod I loved it so much.
  5. Tracy

    Tracy Insatiably Curious Moderator Founding Member

    +1 Red Dawn fan.
  6. Seawolf1090

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    "Black Dog" was another good one. He played an ex-con trucker forced into one more illegal run by an evil Meatloaf (also a surprisingly good actor!).
  7. E.L.

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    Nobody puts baby in a corner
  8. E.L.

    E.L. Moderator of Lead Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    "Pain don't hurt."
  9. CRC

    CRC Survivor of Tidal Waves | RIP 7-24-2015 Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    How come no one mentioned "To Wong Foo,Thanks for everything..Julie Newmar"?
    Love that movie..

    "Oh, sweet pea. Now, you listen to your Auntie Vida. I want you to believe in yourself, imagine good things and moisturize, I cannot stress this enough."
  10. Minuteman

    Minuteman Chaplain Moderator Founding Member

    Steel Dawn is another of my favorites. Not well known. A post apocalyptic "Shane" with a great duel at the end. It also featured his long time wife. The same blond that is his love interest in Road House.( different blond, Kelly Lynch) Don't recall her name. (Lisa Nieme)
    I thought Sam Elliot stole the show in Road House.

    Here's a list of all 27 of his movies. Next of Kin was another good one.

    1. 11:14 (2003)
    2. Amazing Stories: Book 3 (1987)
    3. Black Dog (1998)
    4. City of Joy (1992)
    5. Dirty Dancing (1987)
    6. Donnie Darko (2001)
    7. Father Hood (1993)
    8. Forever Lulu (2000)
    aka: Along for the Ride
    9. Ghost (1990)
    10. Green Dragon (2001)
    11. Keeping Mum (2005)
    12. Letters from a Killer (1998)
    13. Next of Kin (1989)
    14. North and South (1985)
    15. North and South II (1986)
    16. The Outsiders (1983)
    17. Point Break (1991)
    18. Red Dawn (1984)
    19. Road House (1989)
    20. Steel Dawn (1987)
    21. Tall Tale: The Unbelievable Adventures of Pecos Bill (1995)
    22. Three Wishes (1995)
    23. Tiger Warsaw (1988)
    24. To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar (1995)
    25. Uncommon Valor (1983)
    26. Waking Up in Reno (2002)
    27. Youngblood (1986)
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