River hike and camping trip

Discussion in 'Bushcraft' started by sticks65, Jul 21, 2010.

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    Photos a write up removed.

    1 comment out of 43 views,seems like a waste of time making these posts so I won't bore you all anymore.<!-- / message --><!-- sig -->
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    Camping Trip

    What a beautiful place to hike and camp --looked really cool and restful.
  3. Brokor

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    DUDE! We have hundreds and hundreds of lurkers! There are only about 2 dozen active members here!!!

    Please don't give up! I for one never even saw this thread until just now! Have a little faith my good man.
  4. NVBeav

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    I was looking forward to seeing the pictures when I got home from work... Pics are blocked by our web filter.

    Brokor is right about not a lot of people posting here, but the information is viewed and downloaded by a lot more. Could be because of all the gov't officials checking up on us. [tf] :^)

    Hope you re-post so I could see.
  5. sticks65

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    You can see them on my blog.

    Sticks65 Bushcraft.: River hike and camping trip.
  6. UGRev

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    Very cool.. did you carve that spoon yourself?
  7. Brokor

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    Nice pics of the trip, man! I really am impressed at how quickly you got an ember going, too. I bet you would be at home in the Catskills.
  8. NVBeav

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    That would be a heavenly vacation; no question about it. Even my wife would like doing that... A couple books to pass the time while it rains. Perhaps you could do another trip along the same route with a kayak or canoe.

    Wish you had a better picture of the final sweet potato soup. Looks interesting, but I'm not convinced it tasted good w/o the final outcome shown :^)

    Thanks! At least you're getting out and practicing various skills.

    BTW, the pictures of the lovely bucolic countryside were nicely done!
  9. Quigley_Sharps

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    Your in a differnt time zone, while you posting on here I am at work, We are just getting home, try putting more in your commentary for replies instead of view's, engage the post so they appear.
    Nice pics,
    How far out did you walk? Some interesting country.
    now on to the nettle soup, what type of nettles ?
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    Sticks...please don't get frustrated by lack of response. I am guilty of reading just about all your posts, but don't often comment. Simply because I'd barage you with questions.

    I admire your Bushcraft skills, and I am an avid follower now on your blog. I am trying my hand at a lot of your skills, and the fact you take the time to take pictures, video and post here makes the process much less intimidating for me and I'm sure many others.

    Thank you for continuing to document your adventures,
  11. sticks65

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    Yes I carved the spoon from Birch.
  12. sticks65

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    Yep Im thinking about getting a canoe.

    The soup was OK but not the best I've made,It taste better with normal potatoes as sweet potatoes where well just to sweet.
  13. sticks65

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    well they say a picture speaks a thousand words,but I used to get told I post to much text and not enough pictures.

    Most of my posts are about outdoor skills,about making things and I find that photos help people learn these skill quicker as they have a visual aid.

    Well with getting distracted by meeting friends and other interesting folks Id say I only walked about 8 miles out from my village.

    the nettles are U.Dioica

    Heres a link to the recipe on my blog.
    Sticks65 Bushcraft.: Nettle soup recipe
  14. sticks65

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    Jon Id rather be barraged with questions than not at all.

    Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog and Im really glad you are practicing some of the skills.

    I find it a little frustrating taking the time to post threads and only getting an odd comment but Im glad you check the posts out but they can all be found on my blog and more.
    Im of the thinking that if folks are really interested they can check out my blog and ask any questions there.
  15. sticks65

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    Yer but I nearly lost the fire.[flm]
    But Id put getting the ember quickly down to the steel being forged well,good quality Sussex flint and what I used to make my char cloth,oh and a lot of practice as this is my favourite way to make fire..

    You will have to excuse my ignorance but what are the catskills?
  16. ghrit

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    The Catskills are a "mountain" range in New York State. A subset of the Appalachian mountains. Considered a vacation paradise, along with the Poconos. I think you'd like the area, but it's some steeper than what has shown up in your pix. Dunno if you are familiar with poison ivy, but it's safe to say you would get that way quite quickly ---
    Catskill Mountains - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia has a map.

    If you ever get to this side of the pond, your skill set would be exactly what you need to make the Appalachian Trail a good hike.
    Appalachian Trail - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Sticks, you could post a short note on this forum for your forays and how-to-dos and simply plug in a link to your blog indicating where to find the details. Might save you a bit of hassle posting pix once instead of twice or more.
  17. sticks65

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    Are Ive heard and seen pictures of the Appalachians a watched a documentry of a couple hiking the trail,looks like beautiful country and I would love to hike the trail.

    Yes we have poison Ivy in the UK but its not wide spread.

    Yep that makes sense to me and would save a lot of time to,good tip,thanks[boozingbuddies]
  18. Byte

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    The scenery looks great. I just watched through the 3 original seasons of the show Survivors. I really enjoyed seeing the terrain you guys have across the pond. I like your calm navigable rivers a lot. Here those are called canals. I love the water and boats but travel by water isn't very practical where I'm at.

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    I thought we had explained to you before that we are a forum that is slow sometimes. A lot of readers here soak in but say little. The original 43 views could have also been from non member guests who hover over our new threads.

    I really enjoy all your posts even if I don't always comment on them.
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    Ditto.... from the old slow and smelly fart[beer]
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