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  1. Hanzo

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    We have been using RoadID's for a while now. Mainly, the bracelets. Great for kids. Great for adults. Anyway, we like them. They are inexpensive and provide emergency contact information, even medical information, on your person.

    Think they might still be on sale too. Usual disclaimer. Not affiliated, blah blah blah.

    Road ID - World Leaders in Runner ID, Cycling ID & Medical ID Tags

    So in addition to the bracelets we already have. We got a few new colors ones for the girls. And I got a new watchband style one that is more comfortable for me, although heavier with the buckle. And I also got a dogtag with silencer for when I don't want to wear a bracelet.

    The tag is shiny on the back. That is why I ordered it blank without putting something on there. Can you say signal mirror? You can see in the picture how clearly it reflected the wall in my garage, in the shade.

    So I thought I would slap together a small dog tag kit. Was gonna just to the whistle at first. But then I thought I would add a Boy Scout hotspark, then thought about a striker. What better striker than a knife.

    Wore it through a couple of hours of biking and my long tai chi class. No problemo.

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  2. ghrit

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    Reaction #1: Great idea.
    Reaction #2: OPSEC makes it not so good.
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  3. Hanzo

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    Don't understand your reaction 2. You don't have to like it. I don't understand your OPSEC. You don't want an emergence contact if you are hurt bad or unconscious? Don't want to indicate if you have some kind of allergies if EMT's need to treat you?

    It's is just what you want to put on. As much or as little. We have emergency contact name and phone number. I think if anyone sinister wants that, they either already have it, or can readily find it. And more. And you can wear it without your info readily showing. My kids wear theirs flipped inside out so that their info is against their skin. The dog tag is under my shirt. If you want to see it, you gotta take it out or start undressing me. In most cases, I will not allow it. Especially if you are not my type. ;) And besides, we all (most anyway) carry ID, credit cards, other cards etc in our wallets. That will have more info than I show on my RoadID.

    Anyway, I will not not do something sensible in the name of OPSEC. If you want true OPSEC, you have to go dark. Remove all family and friends and pretty much life as you know it. Remove your identity and all traces of it. Be a ghost. I don't know of anyone with true and total OPSEC. If I knew, not OPSEC. Right?

    Just the fact that we all communicate here on a forum, there is no true OPSEC already.
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  4. BTPost

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    Why not encrypt the info and then only the Parents, who know the Key, can hand it out, when REQUIRED.... The parents must give consent, for anything first, anyway....
  5. duane

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    OPSEC is a weird sort of thing and there are all kinds of things going on with it depending on the "threat" level. I make it a point to meet all the new cops in our small rural area, proudly showed the selectman my new greenhouse, give friends tomatoes cabbages, greens and such. I would much rather be known as that old man with antique 1941 tractor and neat greenhouse and garden and that he fixed my brothers skill saw, them the survivalist nut that they think grows weed in his greenhouse, but they haven't caught yet. The skill set to live in a rural area is much different than living in a city and you have the choice of joining one group, the oldtimers with a skill set and beliefs that I agree with, or the new group, usually from an urban area and that still work in the city, with a set of rules for everything, including beliefs. Hard part is trying to exist in both worlds at the same time. One group gives you manure for your garden and the other wants to pass a rule that you can't spread it on your garden, it stinks you know, and of course you have to wait a year before you can eat any food grown from the garden as the manure might carry some disease. Thus I "compost", wink wink, all my manure and somehow in their minds that makes it ok. I am afraid that OPSEC at this time and in my area requires this wolf to wear a sheepskin, at least in public, and try to maintain a low profile in my preps.
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  6. Ganado

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    why would you encrypt it, the point is so emergency people can get in touch with someone and treat you.

    I can see you guys don't do much biking or hiking. Road ID was designed for solo cyclists and racing originally. Many people who kayak and canoe use it as well. Its like a medic alert bracelet only cheaper.

    If I'm laying on the side of the road because some idiot hit me, I dont want encrypted info on my bracelet in the name of OPSEC. my 2cents
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  7. kellory

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    My wife would die of an asthma attack before she could give an encryption code
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  8. Hanzo

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    I think OPSEC is too casually tossed about, generally speaking. With the RoadID, the critical mission is to allow someone to be notified in the event the wearer is in some kind of trouble. With that said, not having an emergency contact readily seen would be against "OPSEC", as not having that would compromise the "mission" of the RoadID.

    My point is, to me, OPSEC is mission critical. Your mission defines your OPSEC.
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