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    April 3rd. I tapped her back end and broke her pelvis after she jumped out from the Bush, no time to stop.







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    I leaned a lot on what Not to do on that one! But my butcher told me it was the cleanest deer he had ever processed and was thankful that I was so meticulous to skin and got before bringing it in. *ok I will stop patting myself on the back* I still could have done better.
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    @Murfylang I am sure you done better than I could do. I counted up and it has been almost 50 years since I gutted/cleaned/butchered a deer. A looong time ago. I use to like to hunt but lost my taste for it after the military. I still would hunt if I was hungry but not unless. I get lots of deer, turkey, even had bear and moose on the property and the wife swears she saw a fox 2 days ago. Anyway, nice job! And, much better than I could do, of that I am sure.
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    I have not hunted since I was 16 years old. But I have yet to bag a buck.... yet. The rules on where and when you can hunt here will make your head spin..... *shakes fist at Al Gore*

    Once I have a second I will tell you the story about that night
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    It is funny how many combat veterans don't like to hunt. I haven't hunted anything in over 30 years. My 7.62 bolt action is tuned and ready to hunt, I just don't have the desire to kill anything else. As to the original post, congrats to you young lady on your abilities and your journey.

    If you cannot protect what you own, you don't own it.
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    Well done. Your on the right track. Now, on the next one cut it up and process it yourself. Not as hard as you might think. It can all be done with a knife if you like. No saws or fancy tools necessary, although a hand grinder would pay for itself in short order. U-tube or books are your friend.
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    2 of 4 different sizes I have collected. I have the hand grinders

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    Ok so the story as promised.

    I has just worked a full day and was scheduled to pull a double the next day. It was 2330 and I was looking twords the lights off in the coming mile which was my little home. My car was pushing 60mph smoothly sailing. I could feel the chill of early spring rushing in from my cracked window. That air, smelt of frost and evergreens, my cigarette smoke swept away out of the window with the pace of my car.
    I saw her head first, wide eyed the deer jumped from out of the already long grass from the ditch on the on coming lane. Maybe 10 yards ahead of me, there was no time to stop.
    "Dont swerve." I had to tell my self, from experience, I knew swerving could only make matters worse, if I swerved I could lose traction on the rapidly cooling roadway and that could end my night not safe at home but in the hospital. Pressing the brake and with both hands wrapped on the stirring wheel I braced myself for impact. My cigarette was still smoldering in between my pointer and middle fingers, the butt crushed under the grip of my left hand on the stirring wheel. I slowed to 30mph in those few feet, tires screeching , I knew I had to have woken my neighbors by my tires protesting in the night. 20mph and the deer was in full stride as if bounding to retreat from a predator and I was on her. Her right hip connected with my right running light spinning her around to face the same direction as I was going and then she was gone.
    " Dammit, stupid deer!" I screamed as I came to a stop four feet ahead of the collision. I breathed and looked in my rearview mirror, I couldn't see anything but the glare of my brake lights on the dark road. No lights, no deer, nothing but the beating of my heart and the drift of smoke from my cigarette. "Dammit!"
    Not wanting to run the deer over again if she was laying behind my tires I unbuckled my seat belt and reach over to put my emergency flashers on, in case a trucker was behind me or a night commuter came up on my car all a sudden. I stepped out of my car and made my way to the back, but there was no body on the road. Looking down the bank I found it. Her legs stretched out behind her, she was thrashing her front legs to run away, gaining only a matter of inches with every sprawl.
    I opened my back hatch to retrieve my tool bag, I always keep a knife handy in my tool bag, but the bag was gone. Remembering I had left it in the barn when I was fixing the hen house my last days off, I cursed myself again. I looked back at the injured animal assessing my options. The 2 miles I still had to travel would pose as the largest problem. I couldn't load this injury animal in the back of my car and not have a Fiasco on my hands. At best this beast would end up thrashing and kicking out my back window before I ever get home, my car aside i didn't have the strength to wrestle it in the back still alive. I searched my car for anything I could use to dispatch this beast. That's when I found a hammer under my passenger seat. Gruesome maybe, but I had to clean up this mess and end its suffering. I grabbed the hammer in my right hand and turned back to the now calm deer. The headlights of my car shown over the cristles forming on the road and looked as dimons scattering across the expanse of forever. I had to do it or she would die slowly being ripped apart by what ever waited in the shadows. I stepped down off the road in the long grass twords her, all the while she looked over her shoulder panting from the exertion.... to be continued
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    Funny.... never thought of it like that, but you are right.
    I have not had the urge to hunt since before I went in the military...though I am prepared and think about it often as a means to survival if SHTF.
    Just never have that desire to really get a permit and go out...... been a long time here as well.
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    Continue of the processing. Fresh garlic, jalapeno and bacon with half. fresh thyme, oregano and basil with one quarter and plain with that last quarter.



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    I get a few road kills my self.
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    Two years of not getting drawn for a tag. Locals think the game and fish get more money from out of staters. I was hoping to can up a lot of meat. I still haven't gone and bought beef yet. Canning butter is what I will do next. The deer like to hang out at the golf course, where its safe from hunters. I almost run into them on occasion. On the way to Flagstaff last week, I almost ran into elk that sprang up onto the road, it sure was exciting for a moment. All these tourist riding big street bikes up here and I see dead elk and deer along the freeway. Scary!
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