Robber gets Shot!

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  1. Clyde

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    One for the good guys

    Texan shoots robber in garage
    'This is one homeowner that you ain't going to mess with'
    Posted: October 1, 2005
    1:00 a.m. Eastern

    Texan Danny Dunn fought burglar (KRIS-TV, Corpus Christi, Texas)
    Stabbed by a burglar in his own garage, a Texas homeowner fought back, shooting the suspect three times.

    Danny Dunn of Corpus Christi told local KRIS-TV that when an intruder entered his home just before 6 a.m. yesterday, he was determined to not go down without a fight.

    "This is one homeowner that you ain't going to mess with," Dunn said. "I'll take the next one down too."

    Police arrested a suspect, 22-year-old Daniel Holcomb, at a nearby hospital where he was being treated for gunshot wounds to his arm, leg and pelvis.

    Dunn, in his garage heading to work, said he saw the burglar rummaging through his belongings and shouted at him.

    That's when the burglar attacked.

    "He came at me with a knife, he cut me on the hand, and on the face, I took 49 stitches total," Dunn told the TV station.

    The homeowner said the burglar then tried to escape the same way he entered, by crawling underneath the cracked-open garage door, but he couldn't get out.

    A frightened Dunn then raced inside and grabbed his .22 caliber rifle.

    "He had pushed the garage door opener and it went down, trapping him; he come at me again, and I shot him. ... I shot him three times," Dunn said.

    The burglar left behind a trail of blood before falling to the ground just outside the garage.

    "He flopped around out here for a while, and he wouldn't stay down, like I told him, I told him I was going to kill him, and I should have."

    Dunn said the burglar managed to get away by opening the garage door, but apparently left his fingerprints behind.

    Police didn't take long to catch up with the suspect, however, KRIS reported.
  2. Valkman

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    I love happy endings!
  3. Clyde

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    agreed. i had a big smile on that one
  4. sniper-66

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    Gotta love a good success story [beer]
  5. monkeyman

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    Glad to hear the bad guy at least got some holes in him but 3 shots in a garage with a rifle and none in the chest? Some one should send the home owner a range membership in a card, he at least has the right idea about it, now just needs to get a bit more skill to help carry it through.
  6. sniper-66

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    Yes, I agree, in this state, he would probably be going to jail. I am sure the criminal will get off and be a medical ward to the state for the rest of his life!
  7. Quigley_Sharps

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    what he said b::
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