Robots To Revolutionize Farming

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Yard Dart, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. kellory

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    I prefer the 4lb maul approach, but now my phone squeeks in fear, hichups, misspells my words, and drops bytes all over the floor.;)
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    All of these phone destruction ideas deserve a youtube video....
    Feel free...

    Back on topic....
    Technology SHOULD free humanity.
    We HAVE the tech that could feed and power the world...
    All that is holding it back is a profit motive.
    The world is NOT overpopulated....just under educated and enslaved, divided by social engineering, stuck in a left/right paradigm, high centered on political correctness and disconnected from any aspirations for self sufficient lifestyle.
    It's not "cool" for kids to grow potatoes, fish, hunt, build temp shelters, have independent thought, create, share, think critically and learn how to teach ones self.
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    wont these make the immigration bill moot?
  4. Mindgrinder

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    Wow guys are incredibly race sensitive right now, eh?
    The point I was getting at is that nobody is hungry because they are lazy.
    So many homeless people have signs that say "Will work for food" that there should be a business dedicated to this....ESPECIALLY geared to Non-GMO, truely organic foods. Even rich people from the city would rent greenhouse space if it was automated/robotic. They pay, it produces, they pick or pay someone to do it.

    Unemployment is HUGELY under reported down there that it's not even funny.
    If they tell you 9% it's probably more like 20%...same thing up here.
    Agree that "The Crown" is just as bad, worse if you count by longevity. I'm no longer a supporter of the monarchy as I was as a child.

    Regarding my "USA" jabs....please understand...
    Please keep it within your borders...the world would be a better place.
    Thank you.

    When you pull your military out of every other country in the world, unseat your criminal government, prosecute the high level criminals in banking, government, religion and confess/apologize to the world for the sins done under your Mason flag and Military Capital City-State...
    I'll thank you again.

    Just sayin'
  5. kellory

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    No, we are held back by reality. Nothing in life is truly free, even if you make it yourself. Even if that cost is simple sweat and time, it can never be recovered.
    The expression "There is no such thing as a free lunch" refers to the church feeding the poor, and forcing them to listen to a sermon while they ate. Even the Church, derived a fee for a free service.
    You want to help your fellow man? Then just do it, and stop telling other people to do it. Give of yourself as a free gift, share your garden with the poor, help patch a roof, clean your neighbor's gutters. mow his lawn, and accept no pay. Fix his car, or drive him where he needs to go, for free, and of good will. Not as a debt building to be paid. Do it , one act of kindness at a time.

    Or, you could kick his dog, siphon his gas, and steal his lawnmower, because he has enough money to get another one. Because that is exactly what you are doing, when you force someone to protect what he has designed ,built , produced, and marketed from thieves who simply take what he has made. Every dime he must spend to protect his product, is less to feed his kids.

    Technology, is nothing but a tool, and thieves have not evolved enough to be freemen yet. As long as thieves are willing to take from others, They will never BE free men. Men are judged by their actions.[js]
  6. Mindgrinder

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    You truely dont get it at all. Without competition there is no innovation.
    If you built a rain gutter grow system, I learned it and made it better and then someone learned mine and made it better and so forth....that would be competition.
    As it is now...I can't make your idea better until 70 years after your death and possibly never. When you realize 1's and 0's are light, electricity, air and worth exactly the same (free) then we can celebrate your awakening. Creating ABUNDANCE for ALL in lieu of ARTIFICIAL SCARCITY FOR PROFIT should be the goal.
    WWJD? Copy fish, bread and wine, FILL YOUR BOOTS AND FEAST!
    Whip bankers....

    With love.

    side note - I spent the last 8 years helping old people switch inputs on their new HDTV, set up their email, learn how to use their voicemail etc....I have no guilty conscience aboot how much "good" i've done in this world....Digital Missionary muahahaha!
  7. kellory

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  8. Mindgrinder

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    Lots of things are free. You don't own my air yankee...and i'm not interested in your global carbon tax fraud. I'm also not interested in you printing money backed by NOTHING in order to BUYS all the IDEAS in the world and force everyone to pay you for everything they ever think or do. Your PATENTS and COPYRIGHTS bought with worthless FIAT currency ROB THE ENTIRE WORLD OF CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION.

    And you call ME a thief?
  9. kellory

    kellory An unemployed Jester, is nobody's fool. Banned

    If you take what does not belong to you, without permission, then yes. As we have taught children for hundreds of years, yes. As will be true hundreds of years from now, yes. This is simple enough for a child, even a child of the Give It To Me NOW generation to understand. It you take what belongs to another, and he said no! Don't do that! Then you would, without a doubt, be a thief.
    It doesn't matter what slogans you sing, what color you are, or why you did it. It's still theft, and always will be. I believe the Big Man Upstairs had something to say about being you think he might accept an excuse note from your mom? You might just want go rethink that.
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    [pop] Jesh and I was just talking about robots being incorporated into the farming community... and how that would affect things.... today and down the road for society.
    Talk about thread creep...... patent infringement is a stretch to bring into this discussion though it is amusing somewhat.... let alone the dwelling on who's stick is better, straighter and longer.... YMMV. ;)
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  11. kellory

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    My apologizes, Manuel doesn't even have a green card, let alone a patent.

    as for robots, they are moving into more than farm fields, try construction, and demolition.ERO demolition robot concept recycles on the fly
    First responders DRC-HUBO revealed for DARPA Robotics Challenge

    ship wreck divers Giant Crabster robot to explore shipwrecks and shallow seas
    Just to name a few, They are coming, to a job near you. Many walks of life will be affected, some good, some bad.
    The good news though, is we can now dig the moat, fill it with those pesky Florida Gators, and finally shut off that constant drain on our southern states, and the lettuce will still get picked on time. The robot could even help with the round-up of border jumpers, by shouting "IMMIGRATION!!!" every once in a while and watch 'em break cover and run, like a rabbit heading for a hide out. I have personally seen the same illegal return to Californication, 6 times, So I'm sure Immigration could use the help.
    In fact, since they multi-task so well, they could moon-light as immigration agents while tending the crops, freeing agents to move in-city, to check out the roofers, and landscapers, and day laborers, and fruit vendors.
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