Rock and Roll, and then duck and cover

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by l33tHiker, Jul 12, 2011.

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    I currently live in Northern California, about a quarter mile from one of the active faults they say may be responsible for the next 'big one'.

    When I first moved out here from the East Coast, my family and friends all thought I was nuts for putting myself in harms way.

    Now I'll be the first to admit that I'm kinda nutty, but the way I see it the risk I know about is better than the risks I don't. Here in quake country there's pretty good awareness of the risks. (although that doesn't seem to make the average person that much more prepared).

    By comparison, my family back east doesn't seem to care that they're due for a massive quake, or in the fall out line should the super volcano under Yellow Stone blow... and they have to worry about hurricanes, floods, blizzards, and yuppies.

    So I'll be here looking to prepare for the upcoming quake (and other manner of SHTF scenarios), and enjoy the mild weather, great growing season, and overall hardening of our infrastructure compared to the East Coast.
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    Dash, Down, Crawl, Observe, Sight, Fire, Move to alt fire po

    Welcome to the Site, 133t, don't be afraid to share your ideas and experiences.

    Below is a reference with a battle drill that may keep you..and others alive a little longer than "rock and roll, and duck for cover"....

    The only addition to the drill that I can suggest, is that as you move (In an advance to contact, on a patrol, during an assault or when taking part in a break from contact and especially when you are in fire and manouvre mode) Be constantly on the look out for potential fire positions along your route...

    Look for potential fire positions the event that SHTF and lead is spraying your way that will offer cover from direct fire...and a concealed approach to your selected fire position.
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    l33tHiker Welcome aboard!
    Speaking of the big one that is going to cause Kalifornia to slip into the ocean, do you have your boat built yet?
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    I have some ocean front property in Nevada... I't will be worth millions when california drops below ocean level...
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    Thanks for the welcome folks. I was out hiking a section of the coast that may fall into the ocean one of these days, but where I am we've a few million years before we have to worry.

    chelloveck, thanks for the info. I'm not acquainted with firearms yet, but getting out to a gun safety class is near the top of my list. For now, I'm prepping the house for turtle mode as a first option.. but there are definitely some well armed areas around here so something more proactive is likely called for.
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    Welcome l33tHiker...
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    shake, rattle and roll on in, glad youve joined
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    Hi all ... this is my first post. Just found the sight today. Look like I have found a new place to visit often. I live in Oregon, in the Willamette valley. It's in between the coast range and the Cascades. The mountains on either side keep the weather fairly mild. As for earthquakes, we have had a few. I'm about 120 miles south of Mt. St. Helens, and about 90 miles south of Mt. Hood. We have the potential for quakes, and I've even had a couple, one big enough to knock me out of bed about 18 years back. Anyway, again, hello to everyone and I'm glad I found this site.
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    Welcome swalt.
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