Rock Island Armory / Armscor 22 TCM Rifle

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by rjburk, Aug 23, 2016.

  1. rjburk

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    Anyone own a 22 TCM rifle ? I bought one several months ago and what a POS....I have tried about 20 different handloads and 3-4 MOA at 50 yards was about all I could get....Factory ammo was just as bad, Found a Forum and about everybody has either sent them back for repair/replacement/refund....The 1911 22 TCM pistols seem to be a better product...mine should be picked up today by Fed-EX for repair....let's see what
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    Good luck.............for a $450 weapon I would have expected better reviews.
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    I have the pistol and the rifle. The only problem I've had was failure to fire in the rifle,cleaned and lubed with diesel oil and the problem is gone. The firing pen was too tite with no free play must have been a burr as I have not had the problem since. I was shooting all over the target until I polished the bore with flitz. It's getting better the more I shoot. The round is a good one but we need more different guns for it to be a success. The pistol is a joy to shoot with .22 tcm or 9mm,I had rather shoot .22 tcm the most. Would I buy again,yes I would.
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  4. rjburk

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    I gave 400 for mine, that was most I would spend on it.....Fed-ex picked up yesterday so I will see what happens....hopefully they now have better barrels and it shoots like it should or they just refund me and I can move on....
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