Rock Island Armory Tactical .45 ACP 1911

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by E.L., Jan 6, 2007.

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    looking forward to get me one, read a lot of good things about this gun.
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    I wanted the tactical model at first, but settled yesterday for the G.I. model.
    I just got done stripping it and cleanning it. she slides nice.
    I went down to my local gun store and he had one in stock.
    so tomorrow I'll treat myself for a day at the range.
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    I just finished reforming and polishing the feed ramp on the RIA so it will function better, especially with my new 200gr. HP loads, which are a little shorter. I must say that the factory forming on the feed ramp isn't the best, and there was a significant gap leading to the chamber. That's all fixed now. I think I did a splendid job!

    I will try to get close ups of the chamber, but as it is, my camera wouldn't focus in that close.

    Yes, I have a blued compensator on it, too. I picked that up from Works great. Oh, and I made that grip etching myself...I like it.
    DSCF1493.JPG DSCF1504.JPG
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    RIA i think are just as good as any other... it may not be a wilson combat custom gun but compared to para etc I like them a whole lot to bad mine were stolen :( i had a great deal...
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    Yeah I feel your pain!!! but with the economy the way it is i dont think i will be abel to buy another firearm in a looooong time:rolleyes:
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