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    No, really...But for some strange reason common sense has gone straight out the window, or worse!
    A "friend" called me and he was all upset. He was cleaning up his floor from a flood of water...It came out of his brand new Berkey filter unit!
    He has finally read and followed the directions, after he was not happy with the amount of water the system was putting out...He had not washed and "flushed" the filters by using a simple pressure method to make sure they had been "wetted" out properly, and had removed any dust, etc., from them. So far so good ( after a couple of days!)
    Then he fills the upper chamber and waits for a few hours.....He checks it and and yes it's working much better has now managed to put out about 3 gallons and so now, he ADDS more water to the upper chamber! ( Lord loves the ignorant!)
    Needless to say, he comes back, and after a couple more hours the filters have continued to filter and let water thru to the lower chamber...That's a good thing! (unless you are totally stoooooopid!)
    He is angry that his floor is soaked, as he has lost a lot of nice clean water and wonders why! He argues there is no way this could have happened...Finally I get thru to this person, that you cannot put 6 or more gallons into a 5 gallon container! He just did not understand that.
    I had to explain over and over that the top holds x amount of gallons, the lower holds x amount of gallons. And You cannot add MORE to the top and expect the bottom to hold it all.
    Then he says he thought that the top + the bottom was equal to more gallons! I was about to lose it! You cannot put more than a gallon of any liquid into a container that will only hold a gallon! His thinking was that 5 + 5 = 10! Well yes, BUT....only if you have a 10 gallon container can you do that!
    He was adamant. The system was broken! No way it was working correctly! I had him read the instructions over the phone....He still argued that the top was made to be refilled...I said yes, but the top and bottom are the same sizes, and you simply cannot put 3 gallons more into a container that originally held 3-4-or 5 gallons to begin with. You are adding MORE into the system than it was designed to handle...You have to drain some from the lower chamber into another place, then you can add additional. You can't put in more and not have a place for it to go...He says well their system is broken or it's a stupid design!
    Go figure!
    He was not happy that he had to drain the water from the lower chamber, before he could add more to the upper chamber.....
    He asked what he was supposed to do with that water that was now filtered? Wasn't the system designed to HOLD ALL the water...!
    Ever get into one of these situations? Strangling them is considered to be a humane thing to do! I was toying with the idea of strangling myself at this point! If anyone thinks that a Berkey could possibly HOLD all the water it is able to filter, that would be one HELLUVA lower chamber!
    I forget what is it? 5,000 or 6,000 gallons?
    You'd need a decent sized swimming pool!
    He NOW wants Berkey to retro fit ALL of their units with a "check valve", so people don't have to empty the lower chamber, and can top off the upper chambers, without flooding their kitchens! In other words:
    He's freaking lazy! Maybe he should invest in a water alarm system that will shock him or set off an alarm, anything to WARN him he has too much water in the lower chamber and he needs to get off his duff, and empty it, or remove the upper assembly! Or, put it away in the closet!
    Can you imagine?
    I bet he'd be fun to go shopping for a car with!
    ( Mother told me there would be days like this,.... BUT not so many and ALL in a row!)
  2. Tango3

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    [nothome]Sad...another board talking "basic survival preps" one member got all"snarky":

    "I live in a third floor apartment. Howam I supposed to cook all this dry rice and beans? A campfire is not gonna'cut it in my apartment?"[nothome]hissyfit

    I think Some people(in denial) are just looking for an excuse not to"prep".Nature is not going to hold your hand. Time fora dose of chlorine in the gene pool.:shock:
  3. dragonfly

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    Some peopleJ UST don't deserve to SURVIVE! Nature's laws of natural selection, seems to have gone on vacation! I can see some schmuck starting a nice warm fire in the middle of their apartment! Hell, here they have the morons that decide to BBQ inside their apartments! Then some are lucky and only die of asphyxiation!
    Those that aren't so lucky, get burned up!
    As for all the dry rice and beans....they could slow roast it, or pretend it's popcorn!?
    Next: "BUT how do I get water when there's none "left" in the pipes"? Buy that new canned water, just open, add water, and stir= instant water!
  4. Witch Doctor 01

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    Maybe he should trade in that berkley filter to me for a nice brita faucet filter that i happen to have.... it has a built in check valve....
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    One guy I know wanted to buy a "cheaper" version of a good water filter, so he was told to go look at those "zero water" units...He was all upset that they cost so much! I told him: "get yourself an old pot and a way to heat the water, a tin cup and you're all set"! He shut up! So he goes out and buys a USED POS motorcycle for $1,200! People are weird! Most of them are my so called friends...I need to do something about that!
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    As to the original post, I am right there with ya' !
    I have a terrible time trying to get people to understand that you cannot alter the laws of physics. A gallon holds a gallon. "why doesn't "X" do this ?" because it can't it must be this way, "I want it this way". It seems some folks never get past the child stage of "why".
    Many of these folks are MUCH better/Higher educated than I am. It simple goes to show education is very often wasted. I think it might have been Jerry Clower but I am not sure who spoke of someone in a story as " He was educated far beyond his intelligence".
    Sorry for the rant, these things just really annoy me and seem so much more prevalent these days.
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    Every time I think I've heard the ultimate in stupidity along comes something like this and proves me wrong.Dragonfly,you need to stay away from this guy,I think he may be a danger to himself and everybody around him..
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  8. Nadja

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    Always remember , there is no cure or fix for stupid !
  9. STANGF150

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  10. limpingbear

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    careful, Ive heard stupid can be contagious. Better stay away from him!
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    I beg to differ. A heavy metal pill traveling at a significant FPS cures most stupid in one dose.
  12. STANGF150

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    Even Rock Groups Know The Truth...

    Korn - Evolution - YouTube

    Even if this kinda music not your cup of Tea, the Video itself says sumthing I been saying fer YEARS!!!!
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  13. dragonfly

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    What I like to refer to as: "High speed lead poisoning"?
  14. snowbyrd

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    I tryed the BBQ inside thing, once,.........................the rice and beans kept falling through the stupid grill!!
    I guess next time I will try wrapping them in foil, from my viking foil hat.
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    Over filled ours once--learned the hard way--lol. Tell your friend that you know a big dummy who would buy his Berkey. That way he would not be ruining his floor with a "faulty designed" filter system.
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    I suggested he put an overflow hose on the lower chamber so it would NOT flood but could go into another bottle...then I saw the error of my ways!
    Why add to the problem! Knowing what has already happened, he'd pour in even MORE water! I just gave up!
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    That doofus needs to set it inside a big kiddie pool....... [loco]
  18. Pax Mentis

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    I hope I don't offend, dragon...but, after reading a lot of your posts I have to say 2 things...

    1) You know some really stupid people.

    2) You seem to attract bad situations.

    You seem like a real nice guy, but I think I would try to stay a few miles away from you on a regular basis...for my own safety.

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  19. dragonfly

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    It's NOT my fault!
    I don't know where they come from...
    But I know where I'm going, and I'm not leaving any breadcrumbs!
  20. Nadja

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    Sure Dragonfly. THEY will find you. !!!!!! LOL
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