Rodney King....dead at 47

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Jun 17, 2012.

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    I'll shed no tear for him. He rode his ill-gotten fame to the bank, scored big, then squandered it all quickly. He's been in trouble with the law many times over the years since. The gene pool got freshened a bit late for this one......
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    Too bad it couldn't have been the "Rev." Jesse Jackson. Oh, that's terrible to say. Oh well.
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    I'll agree with (no doubt) many others - no real loss to society in general or specifically.

    A sock puppet for the Left, his main claim to fame was to have been beaten in front of a video camera - and the (very heavily) edited clip played again and again on the MSM TV until the riots were all but inevitable.

    Found face down in his pool - any bets on the Toxicology reports?

    On the really sad side, in checking multiple "bio" on the web, his life from 1965 to April 1991 - is nonexistent. So birth to age 27 (or so) nothing of note - at least that I could find. For the last twenty - between stoned, drunk, high or under arrest - not much of note.

    A shame really.
    Even his daughters (well, he be the baby daddy anyway) got nothing from this dude.
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    Lets see, you take a drunken, drugged out criminal. Give him millions of dollars. He parties until he's dead. SURPRISE!!!!!!!!! What's next, riots in LA by people as bad as him who blame everyone else for his death?
    He croaks in a pool drunk and high and he is a hero.
    The irony is the LA PD was there giving him CPR, then beat him for not climbing in the body bag...LOL:oops:
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    Psst...You forgot Sausagehead Al...

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    Its a good thing that I know we have so many good Christian souls among our members or I'd misunderstand the comments. Most of us sat on hard oak pews this morning and might have repeated the words
    "Grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
    To be understood as to understand;
    To be loved as to love; For it is in giving that we receive;
    It is in pardoning that we are pardoned"
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    This man was a plague on society and the world will be a better place. He was a criminal who got paid because of Officers who lost their temper. I do have to say he did teach me one thing as an L.E.O. and that was if I lost my temper and give a man the a$$ whooping he deserved. I could mess the case up for the victims and the POS would walk.

    Things Rodney went on to do in life after he was so wrongly beaten by LAPD after attempting to grab an officer's gun.

    Trying to run over a vice officer
    Hitting his wife with his car
    Committing indecent exposure while high on PCP
    Driving while on PCP and crashing through a house
    Threatening to kill his daughter and punching his girlfriend in the stomach
    Utterly destroying any use he had as a symbolic figure of unfair racial disparity
    mn sd;lnk,

    What is the LAPD's idea of a good poker hand?
    4 clubs and a King.
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    So...I guess now he's a shoe-in to the...

    I Got Over Whitey Hall Of Fame...???
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    It's not that I disagree that this was a human being who was less than a stellar citizen. I'm only amused that we all, me included, suspend our Christian spirit when we judge another to be less than worthy of our charity.

    I'm in a kind of a dark place today so I guess my humor is a little black as well
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    I maintain my Christian spirit for Christian's...

    Anyone and anything else is suspect...

    He fall's in the latter...
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    He should've known better that to buy a house with a pool. He was just tempting the furies....... Black folks can't swim.

    According to libtards, it's because of all the racism from the 20s all the way to now. They weren't allowed to swim at pools so they never taught their kids...and their kids didn't teach their kids....and their kids didn't teach their kids....and 35 years later, it is still possible for the great-great grand-daughter to ask the great-great grandmother to ask why she didn't like to swim. As soon as the great-great grandmother hits 65, she says she's going to join the Y and get lessons. (Heavy sarcasm off).

    It's always racism for any inadequacy isn't it. But, it's OK to say their genetics allow them to be better at basketball and football. Kenyans are better at running marathons. Just another double standard from the left to make up for any minority's shortfalls. In telling minorities that they are exactly equal, you're just setting them up for failure when you're comparing them to the group you want them to be equal to.

    BBC News - Why don't black Americans swim?
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    Schadenfreude is cheaply bought when one believes that they stand on the moral high ground. Did Rodney King use his life wisely...probably not, was he a paragon of virtue...probably not...should he be lionised for what happened when the LA PD arrested him...probably not...should he be demonised for his faults or failings...probably not...he was a flawed human being, as are we all, in some way or another.....That a flawed human being has died is no particular cause for rejoicing and celebration or sense of moral superiority...for death eventually touches us would be better for us to be mindful of our own transgressions against society than applauding the death of someone we believe to be our social and moral inferior.
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    The Arrest Record of Rodney King
    Rodney King's criminal history played a large role in the high-speed chase that led to his arrest, in his controversial and violent arrest, and in the trials that followed. King explained his decision to flee--at a speed exceeding 110 mph--from CHP officers as resulting from a fear that his arrest for speeding would lead to a revocation of his parole and a return to prison: "I was scared of going back to prison and I just kind of thought the problem would just go away." Sergeant Stacey Koon, the supervising officer at King's arrest, concluded (correctly, it turned out) from King's "buffed out appearance" that he was most likely an ex-con who had been working out on prison weights--and assumed therefore that he was a dangerous character. Finally, it was King's criminal history that explained the decision of prosecutors to keep him off the witness stand. If King testified, defense attorneys would be allowed to present the jury with his record of arrests--a record that might influence their deliberations.
    Many of King's problems with the law stem from his serious drinking problem. According to his parole officer, Tim Fowler, King "was a basically decent guy with borderline intelligence....His problem was alcoholism." (Cannon, p40.)

    King's Trouble with the Law Prior to His Beating

    July 27, 1987: According to a complaint filed by his wife, King beat her while she was sleeping, then dragged her outside the house and beat her again. King was charged with battery and pleaded "no contest." He was placed on probation and ordered to obtain counseling. He never got the counseling.
    November 3, 1989: King, brandishing a tire iron, ordered a convenience store clerk to empty the cash register. The clerk grabbed the tire iron, causing King to fall backwards and knock over a pie rack. King swung the rack at the clerk and fled the store with $200. King was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon, second-degree robbery, and intent to commit great bodily injury. In a plea agreement, King pleaded guilty to the robbery charge and the other charges were dropped. He was sentenced to two years in prison, but was paroled on December 27, 1990.

    The Arrest of Rodney King on March 3, 1991
    March 3, 1991: After being seen speeding on the 210 freeway by CHP officers, King led them on a chase at speeds estimated at up to 110 to 115 mph. When finally stopped, King refused requests to get into the prone position and appeared to charge one of the officers. He was beaten and arrested. King was charged with felony evading. Charges were later dropped.
    King's 3/3/91 Arrest Record
    King's Trouble with the Law After March 3, 1991
    May 11, 1991: King was pulled over for having an excessively tinted windshield. Although King was driving without a license and his car registration had expired, King was not charged.
    May 28, 1991: King picked up a transvestite prostitute in Hollywood who happened to be under surveillance by LAPD officers. King and the prostitute were observed in an alley engaging in sexual activity. When the prostitute spotted the officers, King sped away, nearly hitting one of them. King later explained that he thought the vice officers were robbers trying to kill him. No charges were filed.

    June 26, 1992: King's second wife reported to police that King had hit her and she feared for her life. King was handcuffed and taken to a police station, but his wife then decided against pressing charges.

    July 16, 1992: King was arrested at 1:40 A.M. for driving while intoxicated. No charges were filed.

    August 21, 1993: King crashed into a wall near a downtown Los Angeles nightclub. He had a blood alcohol level of 0.19. King was charged with violating his parole and sent for sixty day to an alcohol treatment center. He was also convicted on the DUI charge and ordered to perform twenty days of community service.

    May 21, 1995: King was arrested for DUI while on a trip to Pennsylvania. King failed field sobriety tests, but refused to submit to a blood test. He was tried and acquitted.

    July 14, 1995: King got into an argument with his wife while he was driving, pulled off the freeway and ordered her out of the car. When she started to get out, King sped off, leaving her on the highway with a bruised arm. King was charged with assault with a deadly weapon (his car), reckless driving, spousal abuse, and hit-and-run. King was tried on all four charges, but found guilty only of hit-and-run driving.

    March 3, 1999: King allegedly injured the sixteen-year-old girl that he had fathered out of wedlock when he was seventeen, as well as the girl's mother. King was arrested for injuring the woman, the girl, and for vandalizing property. King claimed that the incident was simply "a family misunderstanding."

    September 29, 2001: King was arrested for indecent exposure and use of the hallucinogenic drug PCP.
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    Missed a few thing's there Hoss...

    Like fill out a job app...
    Honest day's work...
    Get married before you start poping out Lil'B#$%@$d's for starter's..

    Note to self...I see Chello is awake..In 5..4..3..

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    As the Wardon said in Cool Hand Luke " What we have here is a failure to communicate with society". " Some men won't have it any other way, well he wanted it and he got it".

    King Evidence bag:
    [​IMG] Men like King have help create men like this!!
    I try to look at things from every point of view and I can not find anything or reason to feel sorry for this man. His children will be better off and the abuse will finally be over for baby and baby momma. Im not trying to justify police beating, But this is a prime example of a POS that needed the $h!t beat out of him and that means by any man who came in contact with him wheather it had been police or Joe citizen. This man should have got nothing for the beating he took other than another beating for breathing the same air that the productive working citizens of LA breath. 30 years ago this man would have been beaten by the men in his community for usless. Sorry just my opinon this guy abused wemon, his child or children, abused the system, put numerous people in danger numerous time wheather driving under the influence or on an anger rage. Don't mean to offend anyone this guy was just no good and Im the type of person Im not going to change my opinion of some one just because they are dead. I didn't like him when he was alive and don't care for him now that he is dead. It would be like saying poor John Wayne Gasey or poor Jeffery Dahmer.
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    probably not...(y)
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    And all the other race baiters that need to be gone.
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    Good riddance to him. Read about his death first on a Yahoo site and they were talking about him like a black rights hero. Lamestream news at it's finest brainwashing the sheeple.

    To bad he did not get ahold of the officers pistol back in 91' and this whole thing would not have happened. Funny how the riots (I mean loot-o-ramas) go for this kind of thing.
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    Happily, I have no Christian spirit to cause me guilt when I say that some people SHOULD die, and this guy is a major example.

    To paraphrase Cathy Ladman, "All religions are basically the same - guilt, with different holidays."

    I feel no guilt for telling the truth.
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