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    Bright red, vampire colors.


    Rokons Help in Fight Against Ebola
    Five Rokon Scouts are currently in transit to West Africa to help in the fight against Ebola. Fondation Mérieux USA, an independent family foundation with a focus on biology serving public health worldwide, is sending the Rokons to the U.S. Embassies in Monrovia, Liberia and Freetown, Sierra Leone for use by the embassies' Incident Management teams.
    These Rokons will be used to transport blood samples from remote and difficult to reach locations, some of which are usually only accessible by foot. To meet the needs of Fondation Mérieux, we developed a customized bracket in place of the rear seat in order to carry coolers that will protect the blood samples from deterioration. Rokon also donated other key accessories including trail maintenance kits and brush busters.
    We are proud to have partnered with Fondation Mérieux on this project to help in the global fight against Ebola.
    Keep Riding,
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    Very cool.
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    Hopefully the ROKON won't be ambushed for the blood samples.
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    Man do I want a Rokon, have for years. A rim that stores gas and a pto attachment, how can you go wrong
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