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    Just a note for the fine folks here. I've finished my latest military scifi book in the Roll Call series.


    Clicking on the cover will take you to two sample chapters at the Amazon site, thus saving bandwidth and disk space for this site.

    This is the first of a three book story arc. I hope you find the story enjoyable as we follow the changes to and in Tavin, one of the main characters.
    As I posted the earlier version of this book on the Web for comment, someone noted that looking at what seemed to be a state of constant warfare, from a vet's viewpoint, would be interesting. I would hate to think that a future military-industiral complex could exert that much influence, but given our own past and recent history, it seems all too possible.
    The next book in the series is "Valley of Death" - now in work.

    If you do buy and read this book, drop me a line via the author's contact link at my World of the Chernyi site and let me know what you think.
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