Romney speaks the truth...maybe too much truth

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Sep 18, 2012.

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    A good read.....
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    The guy said some things he should never have said. Sure, he was playing to rich guys who feel like they are supporting everyone in America but that doesn't make what he said OK. Do I agree with most of what he said? YES! But he comes across as a huge douche.

    I keep trying to make myself like Romney but that is like waking up every morning and eating a cow pie while telling yourself it is delicious. I almost can't take Romney anymore.

    If he doesn't win the debates by a large margin this election is over and we will have 4 more years of Obama. That is something I really don't want to see, especially since I work in finance.

    If only there were alternative parties that had a chance to win...
  4. Brokor

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    Pretty much everything you hear from the speeches these candidates and presidents make are prepared by writers for their cause.

    It's like watching a scripted soap opera most days. How pathetic we have become.
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    Obama or Obama light....both come with a side of turd pie served cold.
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    That's why I don't listen to what they have to say anymore. They're just pandering to whoever is listening at that moment, none of it really means anything.
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    Gee, the truth hurts when it is not sugar coated. This should be a wake up call for America about how bad off we are, but no, the cry baby whiner Dems get all upset to distract the people from Zeros failures.
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    It's the first thing that I've heard Romney say that I really like.
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    The numbers on this whole debacle are laughable. Another mole hill that's been raised to the status of a mountain. How many here are living on an income that puts them below tax victim status? Just because your income level precludes you from actually paying an income tax (full refund of all money paid in at the federal level) doesn't mean you're dependent on government and it certainly doesn't mean you're automagically going to vote democrat. Get real. More hogwash to keep the backbiters at each others heels. Silly.

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    The rich assume all poor are poor because they don't want to work hard. The poor assume all rich don't care about how much they hurt others as long as they stay rich. It is really really interesting.
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    and just because SOME of those things are true, for each class of people, does NOT make it True for the whole Class... Assumptions are mostly ALWAYS Wrong, when applied generally, and can be right, for small subclasses inside the denigrated SuperClass
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    Precisely! If what you meant to say was '...things are true, for individuals in a class of people...'

    The stories they like to tell on the TeeVee & radio are seldom funny & never true! Hog-wash with a dash of horse-puckey thrown in for coloring. Or maybe it's flavor...

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    "As Obama spokesperson Jen Psaki put it, Romney's willingness to criticize the president "does raise a question of whether his team is ready for prime time when it comes to these issues.”

    Criticize and here I thought Romney was being kind.
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