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    I'd rather romney than obama again. BTW in a presidential campaign seems everyone is red white and blue colors in some fashion or another. Maybe we will get lucky and he will chose ron paul as his running mate. I think romney is the only one who can beat obama at this point on the republican side.
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    Romney makes my skin crawl to look at him....... but then, the same is true for most politicians. BUT..... anything, even Punxatawney Phil, would be worlds better than another four years of failed obamanomics. I literally cannot stand to see or hear the illegal kenyan puppet - like a stammering psychotic Howdy Doody on an acid trip.
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    Hold your nose and vote romney.
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    Anyone kidding themselves America can afford another four years of 0bama-nomics is on drugs.

    Best thing Bachman said was AB0 Anybody But 0bama.
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    You cant spell Romney without R M O N E Y (but it isn't our money, its the big banks and financial institutions.)
  7. If I was of age (And had the money) I would run for prez. I think with my Redneck ingenuity (duct tape and zip ties) I would make a far better prez then ANY of the jokes up on the stock block atm. But the problem (Like most other people with sense) is there are to many sheep that would rather follow the guy flashing 20 dollar bills at them. Sad but America's needs a good swift kick in the A..
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    I do not believe that there is a democratic solution any more. I don't believe there is any difference in either party other than as a distraction for us peons while they slight of hand the few remaining crumbs. I am not voting this time for the first time in my adult life.It is a waste f time and bowing to their rules.
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    Therein lies the trick. MONEY. Only rich people who can work the camera can become pres. Remember Nixon sweating next to a cool, classic lookin Kennedy on camera? (Ok I don't actually remember it but I did see clips on YouTube) That marked the end of the camera ugly presidents folks. It's all about on air presence, and of course who has enough money to buy the votes.
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    What money...there isn't any! Every FRN in circulation is a debt instrument... You've got it right in the quotes though! If you have large stashes of cash I'd suggest trading them to the suckers for the usual, beans & boollits! Though I guess wiping with cash beats cactus or poison ivy so you might save a few stacks...

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    They are going to shove Romney down our throats whether we like it or not,knowing full well that whatever they put up we will vote for just to get rid of zero!!!! I think it sucks but what are ya going to do !!
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    WE all have our millstones Cephus

    As far as I can tell...there is no credible third party in US, you can't even register a protest vote. A duopoly is only just better than a monopoly, by a factor of one. The only decent candidate the Republican Party has, is not the one that the GOP supports. Perhaps Ron Paul thinks too freely for the comfort of the GOP's financial backers,
    and the GOP's liking....I understand your dilemma Cephus,...we have a somewhat similar dilemma to yours. That is why our LNP Coalition Party is in Opposition, and barring some monumental stuff up or scandal on the part of the Government will remain so, until the Coalition replaces the clown who is presently leader of the Opposition (The pool of talent being very shallow).
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    If something is better by a factor of one, it isn't any better. Any number raised to the power of one is itself. Just sayin'.
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