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    First post in Election 2012 forum. . .

    Ron Paul is arguably the most conservative Republican to ever run for president. Paul’s limited government principles cannot be swayed and his long and consistent record is a testament to his unique integrity.

    Many people believe that such a thorough constitutionalist is far too pure to ever become president. Gallup says they’re wrong:

    “President Barack Obama is closely matched against each of four possible Republican opponents when registered voters are asked whom they would support if the 2012 presidential election were held today. Mitt Romney leads Obama by two percentage points, 48% to 46%, Rick Perry and Obama are tied at 47%, and Obama edges out Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann by two and four points, respectively.”

    Among registered voters, Paul receives 45% to Obama’s 47%. Among national adults, Paul gets 44% to Obama’s 45%. These numbers essentially show statistical dead heats between President Obama and Paul, and the same is true of the other Republican candidates mentioned.

    Paul, Perry, Romney and Bachmann are now the 2012 GOP presidential frontrunners according to virtually every conventional standard that has been applied in every modern election—national surveys like Gallup, fundraising ability and campaign performances at events like the Iowa Straw Poll.

    The real story here is that Ron Paul is winning—whether the establishment likes it or not.

    Gallup: Frontrunner Paul in Dead Heat with Obama | | Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign CommitteeRon Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee
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    WOW! Has America woke up? He is at a tipping point. Everytime they deny him, he grows stronger.
    Let's push this Constitutional Clunker over the hill. Right at them. Woe is the commies.
    I've been pushing him all I can everywhere. Taxpayers have all the power. We have Paul power now.
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    And he's doing it WITHOUT the jackassery of the mainstream. Imagine if the media actually gave him a fair shake.. can we say LANDSLIDE?
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    With the Hephalumps and the Jackarses running dead even in the polls, the Tea Party voters may well control the direction of this next election..... unless the ACORN operatives do their nefarious deeds again......
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    Our danger runs in the right side split. We have conservatives and Republicans who ABSOLUTELY refuse to address their cognitive dissonance of their candidates of choice. Bachman, Perry, Palin.. they have co-opted the tea party goals and slowly moved the bar BACK UP to the GOP line. Classic psychological tactic to trick people into going your way. You start at their level and then you slow it down little by little until you find an equilibrium that is hard form to discern from where they started but significant enough that you can do it again in a short period of time once the "position" because the new "baseline". I do this when I'm driving on the high-way when I'm driving..

    Back to my point. This split will be a GOP candidate and, well.. RON PAUL. I'm afraid this is going to go very bad for us.. so prepare for 4 more years of Obumble, but hope for the best.
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    I feel like small gov. is the only hope for us to any freedom back. Hope he wins.
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    The fact that the media and big business are so terrified of him can only mean he's doing something right...
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    i have just a couple questions..
    isnt paul currently an elected part of the current sham/scam of govt we are dealing with?
    if so, why in all holy hades should we believe another politician currently in office?
    a politician WILL say anything to get elected, and i give no exclusions
    politician = legal scam artist/liar
  10. Byte

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    Petty thieves go to prison; exceptional ones get elected.
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  11. Seawolf1090

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    Politicians are generally failed lawyers - the successful lawyers have enough income they don't need to work for the Government.
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    IMO, he is what a politician should be...and what the Framers intended: a person of the community who has good job and sacrifices that life for a period of time by serving a stint as a public servant. I think Paul would have rather remained a Doctor, but he was so fed up with the other two parties that he wanted to do something (I think Bill Frist is a similar kind of guy, regardless of the scandal). Since things are still so screwed up, his job is not finished.

    I don't think he'll say anything to get elected, because he says some things that are pretty unpopular with both parties, who have labeled him "fringe." Being in a 3rd party now is Quixotic and almost guarantees a loss.

    Notice how Romney has lately been aligning himself with the Tea Party. When a politician's views are like a windsock, you are exactly right--they will say anything to get elected.

    I'm not trying to start an argument, but I think the Framers would be happy with Paul.
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    While I agree with Ron Paul on a number of issues, I don't know that he has any business being POTUS. I think his best position to operate from, the one he knows best, would be as Treasury Secretary. Were he to be elected, he would not have consensus in the House nor the Senate. Both parties are terrified of him, because he represents The End Of The Gravy Train, and all that entails.

    The corruption now brazenly being flaunted in our government is financially-driven. Neither party has a monopoly on it, it exists from City Councils all the way up through the Executive branch (twig?), there is a reason I call that cesspool of political skullduggery on the Federal level "Weaselton, DC (District of Corruption)".

    I agree that Dr. Paul's smaller government, within the boundaries of the Constitution, is what is best for the nation as a whole, but TPTB won't allow it, you and I both know that. TPTB are financial concerns and corporations. The fact that corporations are now considered "people" alone, and affect policy is the very definition of fascism. Same thing happened in Italy and the Weimar Republic, and look how well THAT turned out! The only way to fix this mess, I'm afraid, is to totally reset government- let it go bankrupt, and adhere to what the framers intended. This is a rather prickly porcupine of a problem, as the entitlement class has no work ethic (why would they, when Uncle Sam picks up the tab on everything?), the middle class has no cohesion (unions agitating for more money, less work, and greater government involvement), and the upper class (politikal elite) have all the money, thus, all the power- and besides, they all know how to spend our money better than we do anyway, ask them, they'll tell you! The whole economic mess right now is a staged event, designed to break the American spirit, so that we may be folded into that Utopian Dream Society known as the "New World Order", which is where a small group of elites rule through a singular world government, without regard for anyone or anything. They would sell their own mothers off for medical experiments if it meant keeping their power. They are, by nature, incapable of telling the truth. Lies and deception to promote their own agendas are all they know, and all they will ever know. Everything is a Machiavellian game to them, with people all over the world (U.S. is NOT exempt from this) being their pawns in this chess game.

    The system is broken, and cannot be restored. What has happened over the past 20 or so years has been carefully orchestrated to produce a slave class, and the inalienable rights, endowed by the Creator, have been oh so carefully and slowly eroded, and stripped away.

    A complete overhaul of the monetary system is needed, more than anything, to return this country to its old position as the "shining city on the hill". That would entail a new monetary policy, a new form of currency, a banning of lawyers, and lobbyists for corporations. It would entail returning the Congress to the People, with term limits being imposed, and getting rid of the career politicians. If it were up to me, I would require being a Congress-critter or Senator to be an unpaid term of no more than 12 years, and stripping the US Code of Law back to the basics- if it's not in the Constitution, it doesn't need to be there for now.

    There are too many unnecessary and redundant laws on the books already. It is said that each and every person in the US breaks multiple laws every day just through ignorance, which is no defense in a court. Countries that make their otherwise law-abiding citizens criminals are about 90% or more likely to become an oppressive dictatorship. This time, it is the corporations calling the shots, with the government as their willing partner, and likely their "hired guns", or enforcers. Ever notice how the term "public-private partnership" is now bandied about every time there is a new law or government-sponsored enterprise started up? Why is that?
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    BTW, I'm thinking Perry will be the next Prez. Just the way the media is treating him, unless someone like Hillary runs against Obumble, he'll be the "Establishment" man. Whether or not that'd be a "good thing" remains to be seen, but I don't think Romney will garner enough support to win the nomination, what with his Socialist leanings and all. Now if the GOP doesn't throw the election like last time by nominating someone like Romney, and barring any fractious "third-party" candidates (Down, Sarah!), the conservative movement may have a chance. America has had enough of the Socialist-Marxist-Communist experimentation. Time to get back to basics, in my humble opinion. That, or it's NWO time (not a good thing, but probably coming really soon to a theater near you). :eek:
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    I have been a Paul supporter for 5+ years now after having pretty much given up on the political system before I became familiar with him.

    That said, I am fast going back to just being sick of what the system has become overall. I am quickly coming to the point where I think all the current political system is good for is entertainment.

    At this point, I am actually considering supporting Obambam (because I think the country may have to "hit bottom" like a drug addict before recovery is possible, and The Big O is the most qualified to speed the fall) or Palin (purely for the entertainment value...she's an idiot).

    My place is in good shape and the grandkids are looking at picking up the torch. If the fall is going to come, I would just as soon it hurries...I'd sorta like to live at least until the other end of the tunnel is in sight.

    I really think Dr Paul (or someone a lot like him) is the only chance left to avoid the total collapse...I also think the majority are nowhere near ready to do what it would take and will not vote for him.
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    Great stuff thanks. RON PAUL 2012 or bust...:(
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