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  1. im interested in building a root cellar.but my ? is does the climit determim wether a root cellar will be worth time , money to build ? i live in north east al. an i dont know of a single cellar around .recon why ? old farms all around .thx yall
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    Are there any old farmers on those old farms? I'd ask them the "why not" of local root cellars. An older, local farmer is a great resource and a wealth of information!
  3. i asked around .they sorta looked at me an said u well we just didnt ever have one .we caned ,vegs, salted meat ,lots of cornbread n pintos.any one else have any ideas ?weather i should build one or not
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    if you do put in a root cellar make sure the floor is dirt. It will make the potatoes and onions you store in there last longer. And if you do store potatoes and onions in it, make sure you leave the dirt on them when you dig them up. Only wash off the dirt when you get ready to use them. If your cellar is dug properly potatoes and such will last all year long
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    Depends on where in the NE, I suppose. A lot of it is pretty rocky, isn't it? That would be discouraging for old-timers with so much to do on the farm already. And if they historically have salted and dried foods, that might preclude the need for a cellar for storage.

    Dunno, just a thought.

    If you want to build a root cellar, decide WHY you want one first. If it's just for root storage and no one else in the area shows any inclination for needing such, then you probably don't need one either. If you want it for storm/SHTF protection, I'd say to build one immediately.
  6. we to be honest guess im on a kick says my wife .you know WHAT IF ?things get bad i dont want to make it any worse on my family than need ,i like the idea of being to live on our own with as much as possible .so thats my main reason why to build root cellar .big garden next yr an plan on putting up as much as i can from now on .along with canning,drying litle by litle.ill learn an also teach my kids how to fend for there self .also several tornado at times around here. thx yall
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