Root of religious conflict exposed.

Discussion in 'Faith and Religion' started by VisuTrac, Dec 1, 2011.

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    It's not God, Allah, Jesus, etc. that are the problem. It's their fan clubs.
  2. chelloveck

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    The fan club IS the religion

    The dieties and prophets are merely the team mascots and star players. Probably the reason why I don't follow any code of sport or religion....which probably makes me an heretic on several accounts.
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    "Religion" is a fine thing, in moderation..... as with most things in life. Problem is, as more MEN become involved, it gets totally corrupted.
    Any ten men will 'translate' The Word in ten different ways, a couple of them quite violently.
    While I do have certain religious views and beliefs, I avoid all major organized 'Religions'. Just as I avoid any other huge groups of people.
    A major Church has no more relevance for me than the Shopping Mall, for much the same reason.
  4. chelloveck

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    Religion is a little like hard liquour...

    Religion is a little like hard liquour... in moderate amounts, it can give one a feeling of inner glow, but if abused, it can become a source of destructive addiction. I'm happy to say I am a teetotaller of many years standing and don't miss it one bit.
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    I look at church as a nice place to meet people and socialize as long as they don't start shovin it down my throat. Too many war have started for the same reason.

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